Best moped bike of the year

What an e-bike in the moped-style is. Despite the lack of a clear definition—they are a class that has only lately gained attention as a result of their rising popularity—these e-bikes have certain distinguishing design elements.

Moped-style e-bikes aim to combine many of the comfort and convenience aspects of traditional mopeds with the key e-bike traits of having pedals and a relatively low-powered electric assist motor system. This frequently entails a bench seat (which may also be able to accommodate a pillion passenger, in which case rear footpegs may also be present), tires and suspension made for motorcycles, as well as lighting features similar to those found in automobiles, such as a full-on headlamp or even indicators.

They are exactly that, but why would anyone desire an e-bike in the moped-style? It must be acknowledged that the illusive element of style plays a significant role; yet, there are unquestionably other benefits to moped e-bikes. The motorcycling aesthetic is undeniably a genuine draw for some, while others may be admirers of some of the celebrities that support labels like Super 73, Juiced Bike, and C3STROM.

However, moped-styled e-bikes offer additional, useful advantages. Large tires, suspension, and a long bench seat make these e-bikes more comfortable than many other designs, and characteristics like an upright riding position, well-equipped lighting, and a strong motor with some throttle control may make them seem quite secure in congested city traffic. Unfortunately, they frequently have a weight penalty due to the additional heavy equipment.

Moped-styled e-bikes, like other e-bike categories, will each have their own advantages and disadvantages; some may be better for commuting, others for off-roading, etc.; nonetheless, they have a fun and quirky ride experience that’s difficult to describe but obvious once you start riding a moped-style e-bike. So without further ado, let’s look at the e-bikes that, in our opinion, are now available in the greatest moped style.


How we picked the best moped-styled e-bikes

These moped e-bike selections are the result of many aggregate thousands of hours of riding and carefully comparing performance by our team of professionals from the C3STROM Designer and Development Team.

There are hundreds of e-bikes available, even in a rather specialized areas like moped e-bikes. In order to narrow down the field and determine which moped e-bikes are the best for particular tasks, we utilized our expertise to evaluate the paper specifications of all the competitors and added in our actual riding experience.

Naturally, we gave preference to bikes we’ve personally tested and assessed, but we did include several bikes based only on reputation.

But in all cases, we evaluated the bikes based on a few key criteria, mainly:

  1. Value: What e-bike do you receive for your money? There are several pricey, under-equipped electric bikes on the market today that don’t provide any value. Each bike on this list is reasonably priced in our opinion.
  2.  Extras and components: What else does the e-bike include? Does it have fenders, lights, racks, or bags, and do those extras make sense? Is there anything missing that ought to be there?
  3. Does it provide something distinctive? What makes this bike stand out from the competition in a market flooded with options? Many e-bike categories, especially those at the lower price point, are rife with knockoff companies and e-bikes that don’t really stand out. We’re trying to find those who are.
  4. What was it designed for, according to the manufacturer? How successfully does this bike do the task for which it was intended? Naturally, you are free to ride your bike any way you see fit, but we want to ensure that the e-bikes on our list deliver on their promises.


Best moped bike of the year- ‘fun, stylish, solidly built and powerful’ from Bill Roberson, Forbes

Come see C3STROM ASTRO PRO if you’ve been hunting for the greatest e-bike with a moped-like design for a while. We might legitimately say that the moped and e-bike mania is only getting started. That’s not to suggest that our moped e-bikes don’t have a distinctive appearance.

Due to its long bench seat, lengthy front suspension travel, and enormous volume tires, the C3STROM ASTRO PRO nevertheless has a moped-like look. It sports a bigger detachable battery and a lighter aluminum frame (1040 Wh). Furthermore, the riding stance is more upright.

Even though the ASTRO PRO lacks a rear suspension, its extremely wide, 20″ x 4.5″ tires, high volume, and long travel front suspension make it appropriate for fairly challenging dirt road terrain. Additionally, it offers a setting for unrestricted speed on all surfaces.

It’s as competent as it is entertaining, and the current seat can accommodate a little passenger.

The Class-3 e-bike that comes with the US-spec is capable of 28 mph at maximum power, but there is also an off-road mode that can be activated by turning on the control panel. It has a Class-1 (20 mph pedelec) or Class-3 (28 mph pedelec) mode that may be programmed, as well as an unlimited off-road setting that aids beyond 28 mph (only permissible on off-pavement).


Pro’s Con’s
1. Super comfortable seat that will accommodate two people
2. Fat tires great for light off-roading
3. Off-road mode for faster riding
4. Lighting, fenders, and rack as standard
5. Powerful motor
6. Great value for the quality of components you get
7. Huge range
1. No torque sensor so pedal assist may not be as smooth as some other moped e-bikes
At 94 lbs this is a heavy e-bike. Not a problem when riding thanks to the powerful motor, but you won’t want to run out of battery or lift it up very much

Comparing to Super73 ZX:

1. powerful hydraulic ones rather than the more Cable actuated disc brakes
2. Better value for the quality of components you get
3. Powerful motor and better speed
1.Super73 has a better app control system, which C3STROM will continuously upgrade the functions.   

Compared to Juiced Scorpion X:

1. Heavy, even for a moped-style e-bike at over 100 lbs. (ASTRO PRO 94LBS)  

Hope It will give you more confidence to pick our e-bike, the finest moped bike of the year when we compare some of the most well-known moped motorcycles to the C3STROM ASTRO PRO.

Merry Christmas C3STROM Backers! How to Decorate your ASTRO PRO for Christmas

Take a joyous stroll through the town this Christmas while savoring the happiness that the season brings. You’ll pass ornament-covered trees and people racing to hear carols being sung behind church walls. Bells will ring, windows and buildings will be lit up with lights, and there will be a ringing of bells. You may easily travel with your luggage loaded into the front or back racks of your ASTRO PRO. Having said that, you should spend some time decorating your electric bicycles to make this Christmas even more special and fun. Even while this might not be usual, you can still make a difference. You shouldn’t take the fun away from your bike. Visit this blog to view many e-bike customization ideas. 


Paint on the frame:

You can paint the frame of your e-bike to make it more visually appealing. An e-bike frame can look brand new by getting new paint on it. You may find a wide variety of bike paint ideas with a vast variety of creative options online. You can also select a shop that focuses on painting motorcycles. Painting the bike frame is another effective way to cover up the rusty components of the old e-bike. That will make the frame feel fresh and look brand-new!


Adding Christmas decorations:

Utilizing Christmas decorations is one of the best bike decoration ideas. These are easily adjustable and may be changed in any way. Many locations, including the frame, handlebars, front rack, rear rack, and wheel spokes, are suitable for using these Christmas decorations.


Use Lights to Decorate:

In addition to being a necessary bicycle component for both daylight and nighttime riding, lights can be utilized to customize your bike. There are flashing lights as well as steady, vibrant lighting. This allows you to combine bike decorations and safety measures. You have alternatives for practically every component of your bike, including your wheels, when it comes to the numerous e-bike LED lights you can buy. Due to the nature of electricity and battery-powered bicycles, it is not advised to make your own lights or to attach any bought lights to or close to the motor or battery. It will be safer to use battery-powered lighting. Although adding lights to your bike is quite creative, you’ll need some practical knowledge to know where to install them. Here are some recommended e-bike parts that you can adorn with lights:

  1. Front and rear racks;
  2. Frame
  3. Wheel spokes knew as the handlebars

Once the lights are on, you are free to ride throughout the town in a festive mood.


List for Decoration: 

  • Christmas Garland
  • Christmas Wreath
  • Lights
  • Santa Claus Figure
  • Christmas Ribbon
  • Ornaments
  • Christmas Swag
  • Bell

The journey is entirely up to you, no matter what ideas you have for customizing your ebike or how you decide to do it. You may show off your ingenuity and uniqueness by customizing your ASTRO PRO!

Lastly! Merry Christmas to all C3STROM Supporters!

How to ride safely in a light rain

Recent inquiries have focused on whether our C3STROM products can be ridden normally in light precipitation. Our response is that riding in light rain poses no difficulty. Due to increased road unpredictability, riding in the rain still poses several safety risks, so how can we avoid these risks and ride safely?


Slow down and avoid emergency braking

Even though C3STROM products are equipped with puncture-resistant 20″ x 4.25″ tires that provide a strong grip for daily road riding, when riding in the rain, the road is slick and it is easy for the vehicle to slide to the side when turning too quickly. Even though C3STROM products are equipped with four-piston hydraulic brakes, they cannot guarantee the same stopping power on wet roads as they do on dry roads. We sincerely hope that every user of the C3STROM can enjoy our products and travel safely. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce your speed and avoid emergency braking whenever possible.


Avoid getting the motor and controller wet on a wet road.

Although the motor and controller structure of C3STROM products have been tested for water resistance, prolonged or repeated exposure to water may still result in motor failure. Damage to the motor and controller frequently results in a series of malfunctions, including the horn not sounding, the turn signal not functioning, the brake light not functioning, and the controller not functioning properly. Observe the depth of the water prior to riding, and if necessary, dismount and push or take a detour.

And prolonged soaking will corrode metal components such as tooth plates, brake discs, chains, etc. Therefore, please dry the metal vehicle components thoroughly after riding in the rain.


Charging only after the battery has dried

When riding in the rain, it is inevitable that the bike will become wet. If the battery or charger is wet, a safety incident may occur. Even though the battery charging port of C3STROM products has a waterproof design, you should still check after each ride to ensure that the port, battery, and charger are not wet, and then dry them before charging.


Do not perform motor repairs in the rain

PAY ATTENTION! Please do not perform motor maintenance in the rain! When checking the circuit in the rain with two hands while standing next to the bike, there are conditions for electrocution to occur. It is comparable to touching the positive and negative poles with your hands, which poses the risk of electric shock. In the event of a malfunction, please disconnect the battery power as soon as possible. If repair is required, be sure to contact a professional.


The view on a rainy day is obstructed.

During riding on a rainy day, raindrops tend to accumulate on the lenses of the helmet, which is vitally important. A clear view can help us avoid many potential traffic accidents. In heavy rain and fog, the lighting function of a vehicle’s headlights will be reduced, so please avoid driving in such conditions.

Please feel free to send us a message if you have any issues or inquiries, and we will respond to you as soon as we can. We’d be overjoyed since we value our connections with our patrons and supporters.

If you are interested in learning more about C3STROM, please visit the following channels, especially the C3STROM YouTube channel.

C3strom official website:

YouTube: C3STROM

Instagram: c3strom

Why E-Bikes Make Excellent Holiday Gifts

As a Christmas present, why do e-bikes sound right for people of all ages? Convenient electric bikes are quickly becoming the standard in the cycling market thanks to recent technological advancements. E-bikes are bicycles that look and ride like regular bikes, but they also have a battery that charges electrical motors to assist riders on steep inclines. Read on to learn why e-bikes for Christmas make an incredible gift.


Their usefulness spans demographics and age groups.

Those on your “nice” list can enjoy the gift of an electric bicycle, and the C3STROM ASTRO PRO, a special moped Style Electric Bike with Pedals made for city streets. When it comes to giving young people a taste of freedom and independence before they are old enough to legally operate a motor vehicle, e-bikes are second to none. Many elderly people have health issues that prevent them from riding a traditional bicycle, so e-bikes have become very popular among them. They feature pedal-assist technology, which opens up the possibility of cycling to a much broader range of elderly people.


Useful for people of varying degrees of physical fitness.

Electric bikes come with electric components that supplement the power provided by the rider rather than completely replacing it. Those who have trouble with their mobility may be able to ride the bike with the help of the assisted power, which also makes it much easier to ride up steep grades or hills.

Because the additional power does not entirely replace your efforts, you will continue to burn calories even while you are riding. In point of fact, new research has shown that riding an electric bike is an excellent form of exercise that is at least on par with the benefits that come from riding a standard bicycle. You will be able to cover greater distances without experiencing the same levels of fatigue, all the while burning calories and maintaining your fitness level.


They’re more eco-friendly than other transportation options.

Most models of e-bikes can travel between 20 and 30 miles before needing another charge, making them an eco-friendly mode of transportation. The maximum range for C3STROM ASTRO PRO is 78 miles. Gifting an e-bike to a commuter on your list is a great way to help them avoid using fossil fuels or relying on public transportation, both of which can be time-consuming, pricey, and unreliable. In a nutshell, electric bicycles (e-bikes) are a viable, cost-effective, and ecologically sound mode of transportation.


A lot more people feel comfortable riding these than regular bikes.

In addition to the increased power they provide, e-bikes also have a significant safety advantage over traditional bicycles because of their incorporation of hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic brakes in e-bikes like the C3STROM ASTRO PRO are more durable and less likely to fail than the cable brakes found on traditional bicycles. On rougher roads, you’re less likely to get a flat or lose control of the bike thanks to the e-stronger, the bike’s puncture-resistant tires.

I don’t understand the rationale behind giving bicycles as Christmas presents. There are many people you might want to show your appreciation for this holiday season by giving the gift of a bike, and upgrading to an e-bike like the C3STROM ASTRO PRO is a great way to do just that. To get around town easily and get some exercise any time of the year, nothing beats an electric bike. They’re reliable, environmentally friendly, and great for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The Full Instruction for the VIP TIERS of C3 points

C3STROM membership system

Great to see you guys. We are glad to announce that the new VIP tiers system of C3 Points has launched on December 1st, 2022. C3STROM reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity.

1. VIP benefits & entry rewards

*1st: Participate in Marketing Activities/E-bike purchase/ Repeat Purchases/ Recommend to Friends etc.



1.1 How to earn points?

C3STROM offers diverse ways to encourage C3 Riders to earn Free C3 points (Pts).

Customers can earn at least 3,300 C3 Pts (Worth $33) by participating in the event. Meanwhile, all the customers may reach Gold VIP tiers without extra cost. 

The reward statement is as follows:

1.1.1 Login to your C3STROM account.

1.1.2 Complete the tasks to get the corresponding points.

1.2 How to redeem?

1.2.1. Login to your C3STROM account.

1.2.2 Click on the right corner ‘My accounts’ and select ‘points’ in the sub-menu of the screen.

1.2.3 You can choose how many C3 Points to redeem by typing in the bottom blank.

1.2.4 Click on redeem after selection and the discount coupon will be automatically generated.

1.2.5 When you pay, input the discount code into the box to enjoy the corresponding discount offer.

2. VIP members’ regulations & policy

2.1 Tier setting

2.1.1 A customer’s VIP tier is based on their activity starting from December 1st, 2022.

2.1.2 A customer enters a VIP tier based on the points earned, which means spending points will not affect a customer’s VIP level.

2.1.3 A customer has 2 years’ time as a rewarding customer to achieve a VIP tier, and keep the level if he achieves a higher tier than platinum.

2.1.4 The only way to upgrade to a higher VIP tier is to reach the levels of points earned.

2.2 Entry rewards & VIP benefits

2.2.1 A customer will automatically receive their rewards & benefits after upgrading to a further level.

2.2.2 A customer can only enjoy all benefits & rewards once.

2.2.3 A customer will receive rewards which appear in the form of discount codes.