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About Us


C3STROM was created in 2020 by a group of ex-pats and locals who shared the concept that leading an active and healthy lifestyle can lead to a green, sustainable future. Our founders are engineers, designers, environmental activists, and, most importantly, riders. The same passions that drive the development of innovative mobility solutions designed to take clients on a life-changing journey.

C3STROM products are conceived, engineered, and supported in Hong Kong by a team of e-bike professionals and manufactured to rigorous quality criteria. Our service professionals ensure a trustworthy, dependable, and direct relationship with our customers. We take great satisfaction in setting performance benchmarks in the global e-bike business for product quality, riding range, battery power, safety, and unique shapes.

We are glad for the opportunity to fuel our customers’ unique journeys and objectives.





Drive the difference.

C3STROM represents a new age of urban mobility. We respond to urban traffic difficulties with new technologies and engineering: we create powerful e-bikes with integrated design, full connection, and exceptional ride qualities. Made for commuting and driving, but most importantly for the people who will ride them.

Imagine the future of mobility.

With increased riding enjoyment, efficiency, and overall quality of life. Mobility equates to liberty. This is why we are adapting them to our expanding metropolis. Travel that is flexible, networked, and efficient. With motorcycles that are a wheel length ahead of their time.

Develop the best electric bikes.

This claim can be found in every C3STROM bike, from the frame to the software. For this reason, we have specialized in Electric Bikes from the very beginning.

Enthusiasm and Partnership.

We are not happy with anything less than 120 percent, and we give it with enthusiasm. For our products, for our customers, and for the benefit of the environment. We see ourselves as partners, both inside our team and with the riders of our bikes. Our primary motivator is our passion for our products.

Unlike any other.

We believe that your commute could be enjoyable. We’ve been waiting for this day since 2020, with one aim in mind: to provide a new, unique riding experience on the road. We created the first high-performance, ultra-comfortable ebikes. The first fully connected high-performance electric ebikes. The first ebike in the form of a moped. Above all, an ebike that wins hearts and brings with it a higher quality of life and unrivaled riding fun.

Our e-bikes come with a 15-day return policy. If you are unsatisfied, send the e-bike back to us, and you will receive 100% refund. Ride with confidence, and transactions based on trust. Your satisfaction is our priority.

All our e-bikes come with a 1-year warranty. Your e-bike is protected. Our commitment is that you will enjoy years of successful riding, and if a part breaks beyond warranty, we stock replacement items so you can get back on the road quickly and safely.


Our stylish, extremely speedable ASTRO ebikes are sure-fire hits for everyone on your list.