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About Us



C3STROM, started with cycling and motorcycle enthusiasts who also happened to be working in the technology sector. We are a Hong Kong startup founded by ex-pats and locals who shared a common belief that active and healthy lifestyle choices can lead to a green, sustainable future. Our founders are engineers, designers, green activists and most importantly passionate riders. Our goal, when we set out 2 years ago was to bring revolutionary e-bikes to the world market and unchain people from the traditional, un-sustainable modes of transportation leading to a life-changing ride. 

With our head office and design studio located in Hong Kong and suppliers in mainland China, we can take advantage of China’s supply chain and efficient logistics network. We have set up our first LA, California warehouse with plans to expand further.


Our mission is to design revolutionary e-bikes to the world market, create a happy balanced lifestyle, promote global progress, and create a green sustainable future of infinite possibilities. Our customers are our greatest asset; exceeding your expectations will always be our top priority. We ain’t no one hit wonder! We are here to build a lasting brand. We take great pride in setting out to achieve the benchmark in performance standards for range, quality, comfort, durability, affordability, and service support. We will continue to push the boundaries in design, performance and always be looking at how to integrate the latest technology into our e-bikes so that we are always one step ahead.  

Our e-bikes come with a 15-day return policy. If you are unsatisfied, send the e-bike back to us, and you will receive 100% refund. Ride with confidence, and transactions based on trust. Your satisfaction is our priority.

All our e-bikes come with a 1-year warranty. Your e-bike is protected. Our commitment is that you will enjoy years of successful riding, and if a part breaks beyond warranty, we stock replacement items so you can get back on the road quickly and safely.