***Area 13 Ebikes LIVE Review: Astro Ebike ***

Feb 23 2023

You’re probably wondering why you’re seeing a blank screen for a live review, but that’s because what you just saw me playing is the C3strom Astro.


The overview of C3strom

We are looking at the 750-watt rear hub motor and I’ll get some close-ups on this as well. You’re looking at a 52-volt battery so a high-power battery is 15 amp hours. Now they have two versions of this bike, the Astro and the Astro pro, with the Astro Pro having a larger battery. Today is a beautiful day with temperatures between 76 and 75 degrees and a light breeze, just enough to keep you cool, so let’s get started. It’s a pretty cool bike, and I like it a lot. There are two modes: a class 3 e-bike mode and an off-road mode. For the off-road mode, there’s an app that you can download on your Android or iPhone. You can access a setting for c3 mode or off-road mode by logging into the app. I have already activated the off-road mode. it’s got the Samsung removable 20 amp hour battery 52 volts if you look at it. It looks very very similar to the blackbird battery that some of you blackbird owners have and let me bring it up to you guys that way you can get a real idea of the picture of this bike and its battery.

It has the master switch right here, the plug for your charger right there, and the key to release the battery on the other side, allowing you to safely remove the battery, store it, and travel with it. You’re looking at uh, specifications-wise for the tires, you’re looking at 20-inch-by-4.25-inch tires. These are more road tires, but there’s not much aggression, so this is something I would definitely use for cruising around town, along with other great features. You’ve got the half twist throttle right here on the right and you even have a horn you’ve got a high and low and blinkers and I’ll show those features as well on that. On the other side, you have your power display and your Revo shifter on the side which is a twist shift that is really unique, never really get a left-handed twist shift. It does have a rear rack that is compatible with 33 pounds of capacity so if you ever still needed to haul stuff you can still do it up to 33 pounds um they even have uh extra uh spare battery and um saddlebag adaptions that you can get with this as well. This bike itself is fairly heavy you’re looking at 92 pounds. So it’s definitely got weight to it, definitely a nice cruiser bike. It definitely got that moped-to feel to me when I grew up. According to the manufacturer, the Astro model has a range of 50 miles and the pro model has a range of 78 miles due to its larger battery, which is a 20 amp hour battery as opposed to a 15 amp hour battery. In class 3 electric bicycle mode, you’re looking at about 28 miles per hour; in the off-road mode, they say you get about 32 miles per hour. However, I have taken it on flat ground before, and I was able to get it to about 35 miles per hour.

I wore a helmet because the bike was so fast and cruising so well, and also because it has plastic fenders on the front and back. Seven-speed derailleur integrated frame integrated controller on the inside which peaks out about a 35 amp peak controller. For a bike like this with the long seat, it feels very comfortable I’ve been on a lot of similar bikes that we’ve test road on this and it seemed very hard that was actually a very comfortable ride.

Let’s see what else we’ve got: a 3.5-inch display with USB, a four-amp charger, and approximately four to five hours of charging time. This is a good off-road,  moped-type bike, and the 750-watt rear hub provides roughly 80-newton meters.


Question 1: Can you show a close-up of the gear shifter?

This is the first time I’ve seen a left-handed gear shifter, and it’s quite unusual. I will demonstrate the left-hand gear shifter because you will notice something that also confused me, so let’s get a close-up of that. As you can see, this gear shifter is a twist throttle, but the numbers are upside down, so technically this gear shifter would be made for a right hand because it would be flipped to where it would be on the other side, but obviously, we have a lot going on on the other side, especially with the half twist throttle and you’ve got all your lights, blinkers, horn, etc. on that. So that was a very interesting and fun thing to see on that bike.


Question 2:would it be easy to add an extra battery?

Yes, according to the manufacturer, this back rack has the adaptability, as stated previously, to accommodate not only a saddlebag option but also a secondary rear battery option. I did not receive any specific weight limit numbers, but we will include their link and request more information from them regarding their weight limit. I didn’t get any of that unfortunately. I said the back rack will hold about 33 pounds roughly. I’m 200 pounds so I would say roughly it could probably handle maybe about 250 to 275 pounds at the most. It is the 6061 alloy frame or aluminum frame, so keep in mind that’s just a rough estimate.


Question 3: is there an ignition key on the bike?

No. You don’t need to turn a key to turn it on. There is a master switch on the battery very similar to our blackberry batteries. The key would be more of an aspect of this site right here to unlock it too, to remove the battery if you wanted to store it in a room temperature feel as well as travel. So it’s not getting tossed and rattled on the bike and everything else locks in just like almost every other bike.


Question 4: what is the maximum speed of the electric bicycle? 

As I mentioned previously, there are two different settings. You’re looking at the c3 setting or the c3 mode, which is 28 miles per hour standard stock without doing anything in the app unlocking anything, and then you must download the app in order to record your trails. If you wanted to record your speeds, distance, etc., it also provides an off-road option. The off-road option allows you to increase the top speed from 28 miles per hour to roughly 32 miles per hour. I almost reached 35 miles per hour on flat ground, so it was a really nice and fast range. Top speed mass I’m getting a new segway scooter soon, but this one looks cool, and it’s actually very cool; I like it. It’s a very pleasant ride It has many features that I did not expect it to have. It weighs 92 pounds (42 kilograms). It has a range of approximately 50 miles, but the pro model offers 78 miles of range. So, the standard Astro has a range of 50 miles, while the pro model has a range of 48 or 78 miles and a top speed of approximately 32 mph. The braking on this you have four pistons, it appears to be hydraulic braking on it. That’s a good thing. A lot of bikes that are similar to it do not to me seem to have hydraulic brakes. I think maybe with the power that this has and the speed it can go , the hydraulic brakes definitely gives it that power to come with 180 millimeter brake rotors. 


Question 5: how many teeth the chain ring has?

The chain ring has 56 teeth. I’ll also discuss some of the features that it has, such as the lights. Let me turn the bike around because it has the blinkers, the active brake light, and the active tail light, and we’ll get some close-ups of those as well. And i’ll get some nice close-ups of what that tail light entails; hopefully, the sun will illuminate it and you’ll be able to see how it looks; so you’ve got braking power right there; uh, if you want to do right turn signals, you’ve got your right signal right there; and you’ve obviously got your left signal right there; your horn sounds very electronic; and let’s see if I can get a close-up of this digital display as well. The seat feels like it has memory foam because it’s a lot more comfortable than a lot of other seats I’ve ridden on. The standover height is approximately 30 to 31 inches.


Question 6: introduce the wattage.

It is about a 750-watt rear hub e-bike motor Bafang by the way as well. So you’re looking at probably a peak of about 1100 at the most. It scoots though like I said I got it up to 32 miles per hour with ease. I can get up to that hill with no problem cruising. 


Question 7: can the turn signals do four ways for like emergency?

From what I can tell, it does not have a hazard light function. It’s funny that you asked because I was wondering if it would activate all four lights simultaneously if you were pulled over and wanted to be visible to people that are maybe driving by or riding by in there so they don’t hit you unfortunately it does not appear to have that feature it’s either one left or right, so maybe you could incorporate with your helmet or flashing battery operated light if needed. So that would be my opinion you could do.


Question 8: are the cables long enough to add handlebars with a higher rise? 

They do go right here into the frame right off the bat straight from the top of the handlebars that would be tough. I don’t know if even an adjustable stem will work on this uh definitely worth experimenting and trying. You have a little bit, but these are already fairly tight and wrapped and everything else. So I’m not sure if you’re going to have much play with it to bring it up a little higher. I know that’s a disadvantage because you don’t have an adjustable seat so do you think we could raise up the handlebars a little bit? We’d have to experiment with that.


Question 9: does it have a pedal assist?

It still has a pedal assist. It still has pedal assist and throttle. My knees feel like they’re hitting my chin as I pedal. I do feel the pedal assist engage once more, but I’m so awkward when I do it that it feels like I’m hitting my wrist every time I pedal. I mean my knee my legs are on my down truck are still almost at a 90 degree angle so to me for pedaling on me, I would not use this as a pedal bike for me. My upstroke right there is not very comfortable. However, I am neither the tallest nor the shortest, so someone of a different size may be able to handle it a little bit better.


Question 10: what is the range of it?

I know some people are getting different ranges. Some people get better, while others get worse. To answer your question about the range, it’s extremely difficult to provide a justification for what an accurate range is. Given all the variables involved, including terrain, the rider, how much throttle is being used, how much pedaling is being used, what pedal assist you’re on, as well as the bike itself and the size of the battery, etc., all have an effect on the range, which is why it’s so difficult to provide an accurate estimate because everyone is different, every train is different and every bike is different. So there is never a rough right accurate estimate on that.


Qusetion11:does it have a 16-by-16-by-16-inch food delivery bag? 

It doesn’t appear to have any attachments or mounts for a front basket, and with the headlight and turn signals in the way. I’m not sure if a front basket would be very useful.

So that is the C3strom Astro. They have two model links. Please go to their website and pick yours up. 


*Credit to Area13