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The secret of long battery life-how to make electric bicycles ride farther

E-bikes can typically ride longer and more frequently than regular bicycles, but no one can deny the long battery life! So, how can we make the batteries and motors of electric assistance work as efficiently as possible? Even the best electric mountain bikes will give you a headache due to battery life if you ride […]

How do we mold our ASTRO ebike?

We are flattered that many of you have complimented us on our choice of components. We too think this is so important in achieving one of the best class 3 ebikes for the money. We combine high quality frames with high quality ebike motor to demonstrate our brand spirit. However, our pursuit of value does […]


CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 How Does an Electric Bike Work? What exactly is an Electric Bike? How do Electric Bikes Work? What does W&Ah mean?   CHAPTER 2 Different Types of Electric Bikes What are the various types of E-Bikes? What are the various classes of E-Bikes? Where is the motor on an E-Bike? Where is […]

What We Learned From Launching Our Ebike Brand On Indiegogo

We are so grateful that our class 3 ebike ‘ASTRO’ has been called ‘the best ebike for the money right now’ by many of our backers on Indiegogo. We have produced one of the best value commuter ebikes by selecting brilliant but affordable technology, such as the BAFANG 750w ebike motor. Of all the ebike […]