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How to Make Your E-bike Go Further (E2)

Continued from the previous article The Secret of Ultra-Long Life Span – How to Make Your E-Bike Go Further (E1) Many people wonder how far they can ride an electric-assist bike, but businesses are often unable to provide an accurate answer because there are so many variables. So, how can you ride further under the […]

How to Make Your E-bike Go Further (E1)

Electric-assist bikes can usually be ridden more frequently than regular bikes, but who wouldn’t want to have more longevity? So, what are the requirements for getting the most out of an electric-assist battery and motor? Even the best electric-assist mountain bikes can cause headaches due to range if ridden in an inappropriate manner or set […]

How many degrees of slope can the bike climb

How many degrees of slope can you climb? This is a topic that is prone to bragging solitaire, and the fact that people frequently confuse two different units of slope measurement makes this topic contentious. We join Rhett Allen, a physics professor at Southeastern Louisiana University, in this article to discover the limits of bicycle […]


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