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15 reasons for choosing C3STROM ASTRO 1.Hit the ground running with ASTRO’s 750W motor pushing 28mph, or unlock the off-road mode to hit 32mph. Switchable riding modes, fitting switchable needs. 2. The latest SAMSUNG 21700 cell brings a large battery capacity that beats all e-bikes in its class, providing big mileage support at a sane price. Our test riding distance […]

Why moped-style electric bikes are expensive

Moped-style electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular, but they are also known for being relatively expensive. C3STROM ASTRO PRO sells at $2699. This is because these bikes are not your typical bicycles, but rather a combination of a bicycle and a motorized scooter. The price tag for these bikes reflects the advanced technology and features […]

How to use the battery safely

The battery is one of the most frequently removed components when using an E-bike. There are quite a few issues in the daily use of the battery that deserve our attention. Maintain good battery use habits, which will help a lot with battery life and rider safety. Please check device compatibility before charging We recommend […]

How to Store Your Electric Bike in Winter

Many people have told us that the snow buildup and chilly temperatures make it hard to ride a bike in the winter. Naturally, we also hope that the chilly winter will end soon for the benefit of all C3 users. When not being used for a prolonged period of time in the winter, how can […]


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