Best moped bike of the year

Dec 28 2022

What an e-bike in the moped-style is. Despite the lack of a clear definition—they are a class that has only lately gained attention as a result of their rising popularity—these e-bikes have certain distinguishing design elements.

Moped-style e-bikes aim to combine many of the comfort and convenience aspects of traditional mopeds with the key e-bike traits of having pedals and a relatively low-powered electric assist motor system. This frequently entails a bench seat (which may also be able to accommodate a pillion passenger, in which case rear footpegs may also be present), tires and suspension made for motorcycles, as well as lighting features similar to those found in automobiles, such as a full-on headlamp or even indicators.

They are exactly that, but why would anyone desire an e-bike in the moped-style? It must be acknowledged that the illusive element of style plays a significant role; yet, there are unquestionably other benefits to moped e-bikes. The motorcycling aesthetic is undeniably a genuine draw for some, while others may be admirers of some of the celebrities that support labels like Super 73, Juiced Bike, and C3STROM.

However, moped-styled e-bikes offer additional, useful advantages. Large tires, suspension, and a long bench seat make these e-bikes more comfortable than many other designs, and characteristics like an upright riding position, well-equipped lighting, and a strong motor with some throttle control may make them seem quite secure in congested city traffic. Unfortunately, they frequently have a weight penalty due to the additional heavy equipment.

Moped-styled e-bikes, like other e-bike categories, will each have their own advantages and disadvantages; some may be better for commuting, others for off-roading, etc.; nonetheless, they have a fun and quirky ride experience that’s difficult to describe but obvious once you start riding a moped-style e-bike. So without further ado, let’s look at the e-bikes that, in our opinion, are now available in the greatest moped style.


How we picked the best moped-styled e-bikes

These moped e-bike selections are the result of many aggregate thousands of hours of riding and carefully comparing performance by our team of professionals from the C3STROM Designer and Development Team.

There are hundreds of e-bikes available, even in a rather specialized areas like moped e-bikes. In order to narrow down the field and determine which moped e-bikes are the best for particular tasks, we utilized our expertise to evaluate the paper specifications of all the competitors and added in our actual riding experience.

Naturally, we gave preference to bikes we’ve personally tested and assessed, but we did include several bikes based only on reputation.

But in all cases, we evaluated the bikes based on a few key criteria, mainly:

  1. Value: What e-bike do you receive for your money? There are several pricey, under-equipped electric bikes on the market today that don’t provide any value. Each bike on this list is reasonably priced in our opinion.
  2.  Extras and components: What else does the e-bike include? Does it have fenders, lights, racks, or bags, and do those extras make sense? Is there anything missing that ought to be there?
  3. Does it provide something distinctive? What makes this bike stand out from the competition in a market flooded with options? Many e-bike categories, especially those at the lower price point, are rife with knockoff companies and e-bikes that don’t really stand out. We’re trying to find those who are.
  4. What was it designed for, according to the manufacturer? How successfully does this bike do the task for which it was intended? Naturally, you are free to ride your bike any way you see fit, but we want to ensure that the e-bikes on our list deliver on their promises.


Best moped bike of the year- ‘fun, stylish, solidly built and powerful’ from Bill Roberson, Forbes

Come see C3STROM ASTRO PRO if you’ve been hunting for the greatest e-bike with a moped-like design for a while. We might legitimately say that the moped and e-bike mania is only getting started. That’s not to suggest that our moped e-bikes don’t have a distinctive appearance.

Due to its long bench seat, lengthy front suspension travel, and enormous volume tires, the C3STROM ASTRO PRO nevertheless has a moped-like look. It sports a bigger detachable battery and a lighter aluminum frame (1040 Wh). Furthermore, the riding stance is more upright.

Even though the ASTRO PRO lacks a rear suspension, its extremely wide, 20″ x 4.5″ tires, high volume, and long travel front suspension make it appropriate for fairly challenging dirt road terrain. Additionally, it offers a setting for unrestricted speed on all surfaces.

It’s as competent as it is entertaining, and the current seat can accommodate a little passenger.

The Class-3 e-bike that comes with the US-spec is capable of 28 mph at maximum power, but there is also an off-road mode that can be activated by turning on the control panel. It has a Class-1 (20 mph pedelec) or Class-3 (28 mph pedelec) mode that may be programmed, as well as an unlimited off-road setting that aids beyond 28 mph (only permissible on off-pavement).


Pro’s Con’s
1. Super comfortable seat that will accommodate two people
2. Fat tires great for light off-roading
3. Off-road mode for faster riding
4. Lighting, fenders, and rack as standard
5. Powerful motor
6. Great value for the quality of components you get
7. Huge range
1. No torque sensor so pedal assist may not be as smooth as some other moped e-bikes
At 94 lbs this is a heavy e-bike. Not a problem when riding thanks to the powerful motor, but you won’t want to run out of battery or lift it up very much

Comparing to Super73 ZX:

1. powerful hydraulic ones rather than the more Cable actuated disc brakes
2. Better value for the quality of components you get
3. Powerful motor and better speed
1.Super73 has a better app control system, which C3STROM will continuously upgrade the functions.   

Compared to Juiced Scorpion X:

1. Heavy, even for a moped-style e-bike at over 100 lbs. (ASTRO PRO 94LBS)  

Hope It will give you more confidence to pick our e-bike, the finest moped bike of the year when we compare some of the most well-known moped motorcycles to the C3STROM ASTRO PRO.