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2022 C3STROM Photo Contest

1st Phase

Let’s take a look at the nice output of the top ten backers of the photo contest:

Hello C3Strom backers! We appreciate all of the photographers who participated in our first photo contest. Good work! We selected the top ten photo groups from among the many beautiful photos you submitted. The images demonstrate how much you adore your bike and way of life. It was heartfelt and inspired us to develop better goods and services!

The game’s last battle is currently underway! Your supporters are being urged to back your photo groups by casting a vote at:

Let’s look at the lovely work produced by the top ten sponsors of the picture competition:

1. VitoCane

2. Rick Arcelay

3. Matthew Gissentanna

4. Cole James

5. River Osiris Coke

6. Bike Myers

7. Danielc1004

8. Danielc1004 group 2

9. Wins

10. Tyler Chan

Vote for your favorite photo groups! Visit, and comment below with your social media account left, and you will get a $50 coupon from

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  1. They seem to be honest, professional, and listened to both the buyer’s and seller’s

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