C3STORM ASTRO PRO E-Bike Review – An Electric Bike with Motorcycle Design

Feb 16 2023

Today I’ll be reviewing a brand-new electric bicycle. The C3STROM ASTRO is a distinctive motorcycle, which has a design reminiscent of a motorcycle with a long seat and a large flat surface. It has tires and a powerful motor that provide a decent amount of speed and range. Now this e-bike is 42 kgs. It’s powered by a 750 watt rear motor and can achieve top speeds up to 45 kilometers per hour in standard mode and in off-road mode you can unlock that top speed to 52 kilometers per hour and an incredible 50 mile range.


How to resemble your C3STROM

Now that the ASTRO comes well-packaged in a large box, it is quite a heavy bike, so you may need assistance carrying it. Some assistance with unpacking and assembling the bike This bike comes with an accessory box containing the user manual, a power supply, and a power cable. The voltage information is shown in the image below.A number of tools and a small bag of screws are included, as well as the left and right pedals.The main battery was shipped in a separate box and is a Samsung 21700 cell with a 1040 watt hour capacity that promises a 70 mile range and comes with a pair of keys to lock it in place.

The included instructions are easy to follow with illustrations that make assembly simple. Attach the handlebar and close the screws, making sure the handlebar is the correct way around and at a comfortable angle. Next, we’ll attach the front wheel, so flip the bike over for better access. After sliding the wheel axle through the wheel and securing the wheel in place, making sure the brake disc is seated correctly, tighten both sides, and you’re good to go. Attach the front mudguard, which is secured in place with a small nut and screw, and be sure to also secure the rear mudguard. The pedals are actually marked left and right, so you simply screw them on and tighten them with a wrench. So the ASTRO is fully assembled, we just need to connect the battery, which you pass through under the frame and it slides on to secure, and then you lock the battery in place using the key. now the battery is removable to make charging more convenient, and whilst charging it will show you its progress, and it can be charged via USB. This bike is classified as a class 3 electric bike with pedals, but it shares the design of a class one bike. You’ve got large led lights on the front and check out those left and right turning indicators. Just slightly under the seat, you’ll find your rear brake light, which activates every time you press the brake. Also, when you’re indicating left or right, the rear light also animates your intention, which I think is super cool.


The C3STROM app

Now quick look at the smartphone app. The smartphone app is called the C3STROM app, and it is compatible with both android and iOS. The bike connects to the app via bluetooth, and once connected, it provides battery information and total distance traveled so far, as well as riding history and the ability to adjust pedal assist speeds. You can activate cruise control when your riding speed is above 10 kilometers per hour by holding down the plus button for a few seconds. You can also change your units from kilometers to miles for your convenience. Lastly, if you select pedal electric, which is the default mode, the throttle will not work and you will have to use the pedals to propel yourself. Depending on the mode of pedal assist, acceleration is quite swift.


The driving experience

Now let’s talk about the drive. This bike is undoubtedly smooth and quick, and the added weight of the bike makes it well-balanced. You’re in complete control .Depending on the mode of pedal assist, acceleration is quite swift. I started off in level one to get used to it and gradually increased each level, and you can feel the difference in acceleration each time you increase that level. By level five, it’s practically effortless to pedal half a pedal and the bike goes quite far, so it’s a good idea to get used to it before jumping straight to level five. You can also manually adjust the Shimano gears to make things easier or more difficult. As you can see, when in pedal assist mode, turning the throttle has no effect on the electric motor. When you stop pedaling, the electric side immediately shuts off, so that’s what you can expect from the pedal assist side.

I’ve just briefly switched to the off-road mode using my phone, and now the pedal assist levels do nothing, so it’s no longer five-speed pedal assist but one-speed pedal assist, and that is the top speed, so if you start pedaling, the bike takes off, and if you turn the throttle, the bike slows down. Properly confuses the cops when they see you, and if they ever stop you, they can’t do anything because it’s a legal class 3 e-bike that falls within the legal speed limits without a working throttle. However, when you flip a switch on your phone, the bike reveals its true colors and gives you the motorbike experience with working throttle acceleration and speed.


To get your own C3STROM!

This is without a doubt the most incredible e-bike I’ve tested this year in terms of power and performance, even in standard mode. Off-road mode takes it to a whole new level, transforming it from an e-bike to a motorcycle. If you do not have a driver’s license, you must use the standard pedal assist mode to remain in compliance with UK and EU law.

This is a standard class 3 electric bicycle. If your need for speed is too great and you need off-road mode constantly, you will also need a driver’s license, insurance, and this bike will need to be tested and licensed. All of this will be very expensive, so I recommend just riding pedal assist and if you want to go off-road, do it on private land. It’s safer and cheaper in the long run. However, if you are being chased by zombies at night, you can quickly access real-time information on your phone. If zombies are chasing you, switch to off-road mode and flee as quickly as possible. I love the design and the overall build quality and smoothness of the drive. I love how this bike feels on the road. I love the control. The braking system is very good. I’ve never ridden a harley before, but when I’m on this bike, I feel like I’m on a harley. There are front shock absorbers that can be activated or deactivated, as well as extras such as cruise control, left and right turning signals for the front and back, and a large, attractive led light on the front of this impressive e-bike. If I made a chart for e-bikes, this one would undoubtedly be at the top, so it’s a solid e-bike experience overall. The Shimano gears are upside down and I wish the turn indicators made a noise so if I accidentally left them on I would know, but other than that, this is a solid ebike C3STROM ASTRO. Links are in the description box below. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed the video, thank you for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one, peace.


*Credit to Chigz Tech Reviews