C3strom Astro Pro VS Super73 S2

Feb 21 2023

Hello, everyone! This is C3strom with today’s review. In this article, we objectively and impartially compare the C3strom Astro Pro and the SUPER73 S2. The two electric bikes are similar in appearance, but there are some performance differences.

If you are new to electric bikes, this article will give you an idea of what electric bikes are like. If you are a regular player, here you will get comprehensive data on both vehicles. That’s because we have compiled facts and figures to help you make an informed buying decision. If you are faced with the decision of whether to buy a C3strom Astro Pro or a SUPER73 S2, this article will help you. Both are all-terrain electric bikes with fat tires. We compared the external features with the internal features to arrive at the following data. Let’s take a look.


Statistical overview

  C3strom Astro Pro SUPER73-S2
Motor BAFANG 750W 1200W peak HENGTAI 750W
Battery 1040WH(52v20ah) SAMSUNG 21700 cells 960W/H (48v 20ah)
Pedal Assist 5-Level 5-Level
Gearing & Rear Derailleur 8-Speed Shimano Altus Single Speed
Range 32-78 miles 40-75 miles
Seat Height 30.6″ 31″
Weight 94 lbs 73 lbs
Carry Capacity 330 lbs 325lbs
Frame Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Lights integrated lighting system Headlight and Taillight
Display LCD with USB port LCD
Top Speed 32mph 28mph
Price 2699 3295

If we just look at the main statistics, these e-bikes are very similar. But we can see that the C3strom Astro Pro has a higher motor peak, power, and battery performance. It’s also cheaper.



This part is the core of the electric bike and is also the best part to know the bike’s performance. Let’s take a look at this comparison data.

  C3strom Astro Pro SUPER73-S2 Comments
Battery 1040Wh (52V20Ah) SAMSUNG 21700 cells 960Wh (48W20Ah) As for range, the SUPER73 S2 uses Panasonic’s 960WH (48v 20Ah) battery, which has a range of about 40-75 miles. Using only level 1 pedal assist, a range of up to 75 miles can be achieved. The C3strom Astro Pro, powered by a Samsung 1040WH (52v 20Ah) battery, offers a range of up to 78 miles with level 1 PAS, which further enhances the riding experience.
Motor BAFANG 750W HENGTAI 750W  In terms of power, the C3strom Astro Pro uses the BAFANG 750W rear hub motor for stronger performance and more guaranteed quality. It has a peak power of 1400W and a top speed of 32mph. The motor delivers fast acceleration and 80Nm of torque, enough to climb hills and ride over loose terrain. The SUPER73 S2, with its branded motor, has a peak power of 1200w and a top speed of 28mph.
Pedal Assist 5-Level 5-Level Both models feature the same pedal assist level, offering riders different riding experiences and allowing them to adjust the pedal assist level according to their preferences.
Charger 52V 4 Amp 52V 3 Amp C3strom Astro Pro is equipped with a 4A fast charger that fully charges your battery in just 4-5 hours. This allows you to ride all day long. SUPER73 S2, on the other hand, comes standard with a 3A charger that takes 6-7 hours to fully charge the battery. The charging innovation of C3strom Astro Pro is now more in line with the industry development level.
Display LCD with mobile app integration LCD Display The C3strom Astro Pro has an LCD and app integration system that shows you all the information, so you don’t have to scroll to find what you need. The SUPER73 S2 also has an LCD screen, but it doesn’t look as high-end and has a very simple interface.
Lights integrated lighting system Headlight and Taillight The C3strom Astro Pro also has an excellent integrated lighting system. Headlight with 130 lux, including high beam, close-up light, turn signal, and LED tail light. This makes it much safer to ride at night. The C3strom Astro Pro is also equipped with a horn to warn nearby pedestrians to keep you safe on city streets. The SUPER73 S2 is only equipped with headlights and taillights. The C3strom Astro Pro impresses with its attention to detail and thoughtfulness.
USB Charger Yes No The C3strom Astro Pro has a built-in USB slot hidden beneath the buttons on the display – a great convenience for riders who do not have to worry about their phone giving up the ghost while driving. However, the SUPER73 S2 is not equipped with this feature and cannot handle some emergencies.



Next, we looked at the configuration parts of the bike.

  C3strom Astro Pro SUPER73-S2 Comments
Brakes 4 Piston Hydraulic 2 Piston Hydraulic The C3strom Astro Pro uses a four-piston brake system commonly used on motorcycles, which effectively prevents disc brake rotors from swinging and significantly reduces noise. The effective position of the brake pads can also be adjusted as needed to stabilize pressure and maximize riding safety. The SUPER73 S2 uses the standard two-piston hydraulic braking system found on many similar electric cars. In terms of safety and braking, the C3strom Astro Pro’s braking system is superior.
Gearing 8-Speed Shimano Altus Single Speed The C3strom Astro Pro is powered by a Shimano Altus 8-speed transmission, which greatly improves the bike’s adaptability to different terrains and enhances the riding experience. The SUPER73 S2 is only available with a single-speed transmission, which means that uphill rides are more strenuous and less exhilarating.
Suspension Fork Air Suspension Fork Air Suspension Fork Both e-bikes come with the same type of front suspension with locking features. The lock feature allows riders to adjust the front fork to better suit the terrain they are riding. And the C3strom Astro Pro has more mileage than the SUPER73 S2, which means riders have more riding room to absorb bumps.


Other Components

Last but not least, it’s time to talk about some parts of the electric car itself. These features will improve your cycling experience and bring you lots of inspiration and a good mood.

  C3strom Astro Pro SUPER73-S2 Comments
Frame Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy While both have aluminum frames, the C3strom Astro Pro uses today’s industry-leading design techniques. Its lines are smooth and do not lose hardness, the overall weld is tight, and you can hardly find a gap. The inner track makes the bike more elegant and tidy. However, the welding of the frame of the SUPER73 S2 is not ideal. It has obvious weld marks. The external wiring is making it look bloated and messy.
Carrying Capacity 330 lbs 325lbs With a maximum load of up to 330 pounds, the C3strom Astro Pro can carry more gear.
Tires Kenda K-Shield BDGR The SUPER73 S2 features BDGR tires that combine motorcycle and bicycle tire construction to improve traction, reduce road noise and increase stability. The C3strom Astro Pro uses more rugged, puncture-resistant tires. The integrated Kenda K-Shield tire liner consists of a layer of aramid and ceramic particles under the inner tread of the tire to protect the tire from sharp objects and any type of puncture.
Fenders Front and Rear Rear The C3strom Astro Pro has front and rear mudguards so you can ride on rainy days without worrying about splashing. The SUPER73 S2 does have front and rear fenders. But the front fender, which is only half wrapped, is not there to keep mud and water out but is more of an adornment for beauty.
Saddle Silicone filling No Silicone filling The C3strom Astro Pro seat is extra filled with silicone, which is unusual in most of its models. It provides good cushioning and shock absorption for a better riding experience. The SUPER73 S2 saddle isn’t filled with silicone, which means it can be tiring on long rides.



We have found that the C3strom Astro Pro and the SUPER73 S2 are quite different in detail. But we have made some points rigorously and fairly, rather than taking sides. The C3strom Astro Pro has unique features, from an integrated lighting system to advanced body welding technology, that makes it more competitive. So which bike do you like better after reading this article? If you have a different opinion, please feel free to leave a comment.