C3STROM Astro PRO Best Moped Style E-bike I have tried so far! Full Review – $1.9k

Feb 04 2023

C3STROM ASTRO Best moped-style e-bike I have tried so far! —Electric Vehicles Space

This electric bike is styled after a supercar. Sleek, and all of these curve connections and line transitions come together seamlessly. The fender connections are also detailed and tailored to fit this frame.

Except for both angular rims but even here tires are divisible very good grip and allow you to lean hard into the corner while maintaining control, these unique touches and parts are built for this model and not built with generic off-the-shelf parts that you’ll find in other electric bikes

The alloy brackets that connect the fender are beautifully machined and give the entire bike a high-end feel. The paint job is fantastic. The seat is extremely comfortable, and the overall quality is excellent. The frame is connected to the seat, and the battery placement is well-balanced and well-integrated.

Before we get to the handlebars and controls, there is also room for a second battery and a lot more storage. I like to emphasize the mid crank set because it is large, does not look cheap, and will allow you to avoid ghost pedaling at high speeds.

We have a Shimano auto 7-speed rear cassette, but this shifter is incredible. The frame welds are flawless. The attention to detail is superb. The ASTRO is equipped with a 750-watt Bafang rear hub motor that generates 80-newton meters of torque in the fourth gear.

In turbo mode, it can reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. My top speed is 33 miles per hour. Going against the wind, a solid push through any terrain will be both comfortable and powerful.

The ASTRO PRO is simply stunning. The design is very innovative and out of the ordinary, inspired by motorcycles. This model pushes the boundaries of your bike design by including some competitive features. It’s a class 3 electric bike, which means you can ride it without a driver’s license, which is pretty cool.

On this frame, it can be easily divided and transformed, with more range and power than the Super 73. For a lower price, you get a lot of features, and the ASTRO PRO went above and beyond by including the sterling signals.

This model comes in two color options and two battery configurations. The standard 780 watt hour battery has a range of up to 50 miles, while the PRO version 1040 watt hour battery has a range of 78 miles.

The torque is gradual at first, but once you pass 15 miles per hour, it accelerates quickly. With pedaling assistance on throttle alone. I reached a maximum speed of 33 miles per hour against the wind, with a maximum ritual speed of 31 miles per hour. I am 220 pounds. If you weigh less, you can travel at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. The acceleration is gradual and smooth.

The bike is 95 pounds (43 kilograms) in weight. On my fifth maximum level of assistance, I pedaled 27.5 miles. These one-finger curved hydraulic brake levers are fantastic. They are not branded, but they function flawlessly and look and feel fantastic. The grips and controls are of high quality. Everything is easily accessible, comfortable, and simple to use. Another feature I appreciate is how well the wires are managed. Everything is properly concealed within the frame.

The display is unique to this model and provides a clear presentation of all parameters while riding. It has a huge motorcycle front light that is both powerful and bright. It has both high and low beams. The backlight is built into the seat and frame.

The front fork is adjustable and lockable, with two to three inches of travel, which is adequate for city commuting. The hydraulics are two piston brakes that add grip and stopping power. This bike exudes quality in every way. It is well-thought-out, comfortable, and futuristic and advanced. It’s well-balanced and elegantly designed. This bike is well-constructed. It appeals to me greatly. I don’t believe the images in the video accurately represent how it feels in person.

This frame is well-built, and it can easily support a larger motor and a larger battery. There’s enough space here on this platform for us to do a lot of DIY, and I believe this design is inspired by Harley-Davidson.

I rode this bike for several days and was impressed by how well it is built and how comfortable it is. Many people have asked about it, and I’ve received many compliments. This model also comes with an app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices, which adds to the features, but the best part about this bike is the price, which is significantly lower than your expectations. The C3STROM ASTRO is now available in standard and PRO models for $1700 and $1900, respectively. You get a lot of features and quality for this price. Some bikes stand out due to their impressive speeds, comfort levels, light carbon construction, or range.

This model lacks carbon fiber, which would be a nice addition, but other than that, it appears to have everything. This may be the best moped style electric bicycle I’ve tried so far in 2022. An electric bike inspired by motorcycles, with the goal of changing the way professionals approach electrifying bikes. All of the features were classified as cons. I’m not sure if this is adjustable, but the front fork becomes noisy on the rebound and there appears to be movement inside. I need to follow up with the brand on that. Overall, this is the best e-bike offer available right now.

*Credit to Electric Vehicles Space