C3strom Astro Pro – Motorcycle with Pedals | The Best E-bike of 2022

Feb 25 2023

We got a new e-bike, and this e-bike is not your typical e-bike because it’s a cross between an e-bike and an e-motorcycle, and this is the C3strom Astro Pro. Let’s take a look.

As you can see, this is not your typical e-bike. At first glance, it appears to be a motorcycle or an electric motorcycle, but it is actually a class 3 ebike. It just so happens that they made the frame look really nice and they put some motorcycle-looking components over here, so let’s take a quick look at the frame.


The details of the C3strom Astro Pro

They did some little details here that actually look really cool. So C3 actually stands for class 3 electric bike. You got those little things right here. It looks really cool. I like that the frame they kind of feathered the welds over here and over here and over here making it look really nice. Despite being a hard tail, the seat is extremely comfortable and absorbs bumps. I think the fenders actually kind of custom made this because you’ll never see any fenders like this on the market. This is the first fender that I’ve seen that is being mounted like this. So I never own a motorcycle. And I really like it because it’s plastic so when you bump it it’s not going to fold it’s not going to bend.

We have a 750 watt bafang motor right here but don’t be fooled by that 750 watt because this thing can actually peak out up to 1400 watts so there’s actually two riding modes over here. Right now it’s on class 3 mode. It can go up to 28 miles an hour and it will peak out to 1200 watts. But if you unlock it to off-road mode, you can actually peak out up to 2000 watts, which is really cool. The motor can be a little loud, but that’s to be expected because you’re pushing that 750 watt motor up to 32 miles per hour. Let’s take a look at the front end, and as you can see, that’s a motorcycle headlight right there that illuminates if the bike is on this beam right here, so it’s really cool. Turn signal indicators on each side and the tires are actually 20 by 4.25, so it’s fatter than your normal 26×4 or 24×4. So it’s a little fatter, which means you have more grip when cornering, and everything matters. In fact, cornering on this e-bike is actually really good. Every time I ride it, I feel like I’m riding a moped or a motorcycle. As you can see, this e-bike is a hardtail, which means we have suspension on the front and nothing on the back. This doesn’t mean you can’t ride it off-road; you can, but you have to be careful because it can be a little rowdy.


The difference between C3strom Astro and Astro Pro

There is actually two version of this e-bike. This one is the C3strom Astro Pro and there’s another one which is called C3strom Astro. So it’s the non-pro version. The only difference there is this one has a bigger battery. And the non-pro version has a smaller battery, but the range is still pretty amazing.

I actually wish they put a little bit of suspension right there so I can do some off-road stuff. But you know maybe in the future because this is a full suspension it would be nicer because I can just replace the tires with off-road tires then there we go riding off-road. I think they want you to use this on the streets. It looks like a street bike right on the streets The rear 180 millimeter quad piston calipers are the same, and the brake lever looks like a motorcycle brake lever because they got the ball end right here.


The components of C3strom

It’s C3 branded on each side and what I really like about the brakes is they even have an oil level indicator is that what it is or this is just for statics again. So since we’re right here at the front of the bike, let’s check out the cockpit. Let’s turn on the bike. As you can see, I haven’t even taken this item off since I don’t want to get scratched. This is pretty interesting at the same time, and I think it’s smart because they put this rebel shifter right here, which means you have to do this when you’re shifting. I really like that they put this here because I don’t have to do this when I’m shifting. This looks like a motorcycle display right here, with five level assists, so right now I’m on level assist one, meaning zero one two three four five. It’s very simple to use the plus and minus buttons for the pedal assist, and right here we have a turn signal indicator. However, there isn’t an audible cue that you’re actually making a turn because right now I’m trying to turn to the left but you can’t see it here, and occasionally I forget that I’m riding around and I’m still trying to turn to the left.

Look at that. That is just so nice. turn to the left and look at that. I mean it’s just that thing looks awesome matter of fact let’s go to the back and you’ll see right here that looks like it looks very futuristic. This is the bike from the future. Let’s go back to the cockpit and right over here you have the low and the high beam. We have a horn and to turn on the headlight you just press the power button and let’s check out the headlight real quick. It’s not pretty bright because it’s super bright right now.

There’s a super cool feature on this bike that I almost forgot to mention: the cadence sensor on this crank set is super sensitive, unlike other e-bikes that require you to wait one to two seconds before the motor kicks in. For example, if I’m on pedal assist three, as soon as the crank rotates forward, the motor will instantly work, whereas other e-bikes require you to wait one to two seconds.

The seats are extremely comfortable; in fact, they are among my favorites. The motor is pretty powerful, the wheels are nice, you can corner really well, and look at that, I’m still amazed with this e-bike. I’ve been using this for two weeks now maybe the screen is simple but amazing, the cockpit is not overly crowded, so for the price it is really nice.


The price of C3strom

Let’s pause here for a moment and talk about the price of this e-bike because I know everyone is wondering how much it is because it looks pretty expensive and you’re probably expecting a lot of money for it, but right now the Astro Pro is only $1999  and the non-pro version is only $1799. The difference is that the pro version has a bigger battery, the non-pro version has a smaller battery, but it’s the same thing. So I can confidently say that the Astro Pro is the e-bike of 2022. Price performance is up there, and I think they’re pushing it. I don’t know how they did it for that price, but I think it’s a really good deal, so super 73. You guys better watch out because I have a big dog over here who might take over. 


The app of C3strom

So I’m here in the trails now because you know I want to show you guys that this e-bike can actually ride off-road despite the fact that it looks like a street bike and I almost forgot to tell you guys that this e-bike actually comes with an app. I don’t know if you guys can see that because of the glare, but if not I will just put like a screen recording here so you can change a lot of things here. A lot of information is currently visible and certain items can be changed. I can actually change the riding mode over here, and right now I’m in class 3 mode, which goes up to 28 miles per hour, but once I hit the off-road mode, there’s a warning here that says this e-bike will hit a maximum speed of 52 kilometers per hour or 32 miles per hour. Please note that off-road mode must only be used when the bike is connected via Bluetooth. Let’s stay on Class 3. The speedometer is showing that it’s actually going faster maybe because I’m using a 24 inch wheel but, actually, I used my GPS app and it’s showing 28 miles per hour max instead of 30 or 32. I’m going to put up my phone later with my GPS app so you guys can see. Here we go riding on the trails. I’m going to take it slow because this trail is currently very slick due to the fact that, as you may know, it’s summer, the leaves are dried, and the sand is particularly slick.

Brakes are awesome. When it gets super sandy, tires are just not able to keep up because you know I’m using road tires right now. So maybe if I put some off-road tires on this bike, that might be better. I don’t have to stop whenever I see cyclists like that because I got a motor on my bike. So off-road is fine, but when you hit a bigger bump, it can get a little rowdy, but it can handle it.


How fast the C3strom can be?

I’ve got my GPS app right here with me, so let’s see how fast we can go. Just full throttle at 28 miles per hour, but the screen says 34. I have a tailwind, which is probably why it’s going faster than 28 miles per hour all right. So let’s do pedal assist speed. On pedal assist one I get 11 miles per hour. Pedal assist two-20 miles per hour.  Pedal assist three-23 miles per hour. Pedal assist four-24 miles per hour. Pedal assist five-24 miles per hour.

I’m pretty sure you can hear me screaming in this video because the motor is actually pretty loud, possibly because it’s being pushed to 1200 watts peak, but does it bother me? Not really. Right now the wind is actually louder than the motor. But let me tell you the ride quality of this e-bike is awesome because I can turn sharp on this bike without problems. The bike control is decent, and it was definitely the nicest e-bike experience I’ve ever had.

To get your own C3strom!

It’s quite comfortable. The 750 watt motor is actually quite powerful. Imagine going up to 32 miles per hour in off-road mode and 28 miles per hour in class 3 mode. I really like the way this bike looks, it looks like a motorcycle- the headlight, the turn signal indicator, the tires, the frame design. I’ll be honest with you guys, I really like it. It performs really well, it looks really nice, the battery is long lasting. The Astro Pro is just a really nice bike.

*Credit to MC Cycles