C3STROM ASTRO PRO! The best-looking Bike that looks like a Motorcycle

Mar 08 2023

In this video, we’ll look at one of the most eye-catching bikes that we’ve evaluated, ASTRO PRO.


The overview of the C3strom Astro Pro

This time we’re talking about the C3strom Astro Pro. When you look at this bike, the only thing that comes to mind is a motorcycle. It’s a stunning bike with amazing style and flare, and I have to say that it even has the sensation of riding a motorbike. Let’s check out the specifications and go for a ride. The Astro Pro has 1400 watts of peak power and a 1040-watt Samsung battery that will provide you with power and, according to me, distance. It will allow you to travel up to 78 miles with pedal assistance and 32 miles on electricity alone. However, if you’re planning to use this bike in one gear, you should be aware that it doesn’t. It is going to go anywhere from five three to six three.

This item is made to be ridden on, and when you look at the bike’s overall design, it is similar to any other bike we’ve had on the channel up to this point. It has an eight-speed Shimano system, and it has a maximum weight load capacity of 330 pounds, which includes both your weight and any additional items you might want to carry. For those of you who are curious, the seat height is 30.6 inches. It has a four-piston hydraulic brake system in addition to an aluminum alloy frame. It also has a pedal assist mode obviously zero to five pedal assist modes, and it also has puncture-resistant tires which are going to give you that peace of mind when you’re on the road they’re fat tires so these are designed for traction. This bike has a gorgeous LED arrangement for turning signals and also for brake lights. Everything on this bike is really about attention to detail and you can see it just on the treatment of all the accents and even the LEDs. 

This bike is made for the outdoors and has the look to match. It has a pedal assist mode that, as you might expect, ranges from zero to five. It also has puncture-resistant tires that will give you confidence when you’re on the road. These are fat tires, so they’re designed for snow, sand, and dirt, so this is going to go anywhere bike. However, you’re talking about 20 inch 4.25 wide tires, and it does have an ipx6 rating.


Take a close look at the e-bike

Let’s take a closer look at this gorgeous bike. This is the C3stromAstro Pro. It essentially has a 750-watt powertrain that you can see right here in the back. However, that powertrain will really give you the ability to go pretty far. You’re looking at a 78-mile range, which will undoubtedly be with pedal assistance at this time. If you want to ride this completely electric without using any kind of pedal, you can expect a range of about 32 miles. However, it does have two classes because we said this is a class three e-bike, which means the top speed on the road will be 28 miles per hour. Charging time for something like this will take four to five hours, which is not bad given the capacity of the battery. This is a 1040-watt Samsung battery. Now that it has two classes, as we mentioned, this is a class three e-bike, so the top speed on the road will be 28 miles per hour and that will vary depending on your body weight and a lot of other conditions. So it’s going to be about wind and it’s also going to be the inclination but you can expect depending on your body weight and also the driving conditions to hit 28. Now, if you travel off-road, it has an off-road mode that will increase the speed to 32 miles per hour, which will be again very considerable. Even though we said that this was a 750-watt, kind of powertrain, you can look at a 1400-watt peak coming from this.

The other thing you’ll notice is this Shimano eight-speed gear system right here If you’re looking at pedaling you’re definitely going to be able to pedal with this and given the tire profile that you see there, which is again a 20 by 4.25 puncture-resistant tires, you’re going to be able to support around 330 total pounds on this bike. And the frame you’re viewing is made of aluminum alloy, which is pretty, really excellent. The other feature I’ll highlight on the back is that this does have hydraulic brakes; it has a really nice braking system. One thing you’ll notice here on the back is that the actual fenders are worry-free fenders. They are made out of plastic material, so you don’t have to worry about rust. More importantly, I really like how much coverage you get.

This is actually kind of like the Fender mud guard ends where the chain beneath the chain is in the bottom over there, which I think is pretty cool because it covers so much of the tire. This means that as you’re riding it if you’re using this as a last-mile device to get to the office, you don’t have to worry about yourself. These go really far out, so it probably is one of the furthest I’ve seen. It’s not intended for two people to sit here in the back, but if you want to bring some items with you, such as a laptop, a backpack, or a day bag, you can certainly do so. 

One more thing we’ll point out is that the chain system is one of the longest chain systems I’ve seen on a bike. It may be because of the frame itself, but did you notice how long this is? This is really, really long. I haven’t seen this on any other bike. But I really like the design. I like how open it is right here. Additionally, one of the things you’ll need to pay attention to is how much you’re leaning on this. I have a feeling that those pedals do go pretty far down, so I can see how you might be able to scrape those depending on which side you’re leaning to. This angle over here is better, and I think you’ll get a better idea of how much these fenders cover by how much they describe it.

This area will give you a better view of the front tire. As you look at here, the actual brake system, you get a really nice view of this like the attention to detail everything fits so well it’s kind of reminiscent of a motorcycle. Now, this is your four-piston brake system, a heavy duty brake system that I would say is more inspired by motorcycles than anything else.

This bike actually has turning signals, so let’s turn them on so you can get an idea of how the lighting system looks. Again, this is a really beautiful display. You can then see how it’s not just a blinking but rather that breathing experience as it travels to each one of the sides. You’ll also notice that these are your turning signals on each one of these sides. You’ll also notice on each one of these sides these are your turn signals, and you heard that right this bike actually has turning signals let’s turn them on all right. One of the cool things about this brake light is that it syncs with the turning signal so you don’t really have two different light systems, such as a brake light and then a left and right marker. The brake light then basically transforms itself and as you can see how it’s basically growing from right to left because that’s how my signal is pointing it’s actually converted this from being a brake to a turning signal in daylight people are going.

This is the bike’s battery, and it does have a switch here that will be your flip switch, and then here is your actual charging port, so go ahead and open this up so you can see what this looks like. The good thing about this is that this is an IP6 B5-rated bike. You can see it has a proprietary plug, but I’m fine with that.

Here’s another nice angle so you can see this and again it’s just the attention to detail you have here you have the logo also embedded into the frame but what you then have is this battery that tucks away really nicely. This entire piece comes out with the keys and I’ll show you where the key area is. Then you’ll notice here that there’s a really nice flaring that we’ll look at from a different angle not functional but definitely stylish.

The handlebar is again heavily influenced by motorcycles and has a wonderful, I would say, distance to it as well as a nice height. When riding this bike, I didn’t feel like I was leaning forward excessively; the handlebar is very much inspired by motorcycles and has a nice, I would say distance from it as well as a nice height. Your display is also very bright; it will give you a lot of information as you’re riding. You also have your memory area, which will be moving from function to function; this button right here is for that memory area. Your gear shifter is located at this on the side we’ll take a closer look at it. It’s a little different it’s on your left side, most gear systems are on the right but I’ve written many bikes that have it on the left side. It doesn’t take too much to get used to it and it’s also a twist gear system.

Despite the lack of a rear suspension system other than what is provided by the tires, the ride is incredibly comfortable. As you concentrate on the right handle, which is where you basically have your throttle so you have it again, you’ll notice that the saddle is extremely very soft. This is your throttle and it’s a twist throttle. I like how it’s positioned here, but one thing I would advise is to always set it to zero whenever you stop the bike or come to a stop. You don’t want to accidentally throttle this, especially if you’re just doing some light pedaling, so I like switching it to zero. Then you can have everything that’s right here now. You can also choose between your low beam and high beam here, as well as your turning signals, which we’ve already seen. In addition, you have an electronic horn that is powerful and not a toy horn, and you also have brakes up here, which include both front and rear brakes.

One of the things that I noticed in early reviews for this bike was that the numbers were upside down because it appears that they had used one that was designed for the right side. This has been corrected, so your numbers are listed correctly. I don’t really pay attention to this closely, but all you have to do is twist up and twist down, and the shifting system just responds, which is also really nice. You also have your power button. You also have a USB charging port, so if you want to charge your phone or, for example, a phone mount that is connected to the bike, you can do that from the bike itself. The key, which is not needed to start the bike because you have the power button on the side, is only used to remove the battery. I would go here and simply twist it, and I highly recommend you do that, especially if you’re going to park this somewhere.  


A bike or a motorcycle?

This is one of the best bikes we’ve seen on the channel so far, and as you can see, I’m pedaling. I actually have pedal assistance on, but I’m going to turn it off for a moment so that I could just do the human power piece. At this point, you can see me pedaling without any help at all. I also have it in very light gear, so there’s really not a lot of effort going into my pedaling, so I’m a little cheating. However, this is an eight-speed bike with two modes. It’s a class three bike with off-road modes that go up to 32 miles per hour. 28 miles is the standard mode up to 32 if you turn that feature on. I’ll go ahead back to power assist, and it kicked in right there really nicely; the rest of the review will be conducted on electric only, but you could see pedaling is pretty nice, and if I’m contributing with pedaling right now, it says I’m doing 12 to 32 miles per hour.


How will you feel when you ride C3strom Astro Pro?

Let’s talk about the bike first. It has a 750-watt powertrain but could go up to well over a thousand based on the technology that this bike has. I find that despite it having a non-adjustable saddle—you can’t adjust the saddle at all—it is very comfortable to pedal, at least for a short period of time. We’ll see how well it performs as we conduct some speed tests and some brake tests. It has a twist-dial gear system and controls here on the side where you can, for example, increase the power while using pedal system one and then navigate through the small menu mode. It also has hydraulic brakes, a striking headlamp that is similar to a motorcycle’s, as well as turning signals that you can control here on the side. It also has a hydraulic fork that gives you a really satisfying sustenance. So I’m telling you this because it feels really good in combination with the incredibly eye-catching but also incredibly comfortable 20 inches, four inches, little over four-inch, or four-and-a-quarter-inch broad tires.

Now the handlebar rides a little low, but you’ll notice that I’m not leaning forward and I’m not really having to go like this; I can actually lean normally, and it’s very comfortable. The pedals—you can see by my stride right now that I have pedal assist on—feel very natural. The gear system also feels very natural. And we already mentioned that it has turning signals.

Apart from the overall appearance, it does have one of the best mudguard systems I’ve seen in a bike in a very long time. If you look at the front tire and we’re going to turn here, you’ll notice where my foot is right here: the actual mud guards or the fenders go down pretty far low both in front and in the back they go extremely low which means it’s going to give you great protection so you won’t lift up a finger.  


The speed in different modes

Now what we’re going to do is I have pedal assist one on and I know that when I hit pedal assist one, I’m able to hit up to 12 miles an hour. You can see how nice that was by going to Pedal System Mode 2. Now it is 20 miles per hour, which is lipidosis three, and it is 22 miles per hour, which is going way above it. I don’t think I can pedal quickly enough for this, but you saw how nice that was. Let’s go ahead and go pedal assist four. We can go well above 25 miles per hour very.

Our top speed with the throttle is 18 miles per hour, however, as soon as I press the pedal, it accelerates slightly to 23 or 24 miles per hour. It only really requires changing the gear over here to eight on the side because 25.3 is the fastest I can manage, so I went ahead and put the bike in that gear. In order to test how well the off-road model or mode would perform in the present, I would also have enabled it. Wow, that’s pedaling at 28 miles per hour; my God, that’s 29 or 30 miles per hour. Wow, that’s amazing. Let’s do a speed test. Full Throttle is activated and we’re going to see how fast we can go. Right now we’re moving at a speed of 26 mph, 27 mph, 28 mph, and 29.1 mph. We just hit 30 and the speedometer telling me 28.29. So 30.5 is what this is reading, absolutely amazing.

My initial impression of C3strom pro astro

What are my initial impressions of this one? I love it, I like the ride, I love the look, it’s well made, it is super quiet right super quiet, and the pedaling is just really nice. Could it benefit from suspension? Probably. Anything could benefit from suspension whenever you have suspension in the back. However, I wouldn’t necessarily classify that as a major drawback. The gear system, whether it’s on the right or left side in this case, I’m digging it on that side. On this side is actually my throttle having them both separated. I’m okay with it. I’ve ridden other bikes that are like this too and I’ve gotten used to it. The display as you can see right there is enormous, and very visible even in this kind of daylight. I can see this as a daily commuter for school, for work which is depending on your distance. You can travel anywhere from 30 miles to more than 70 miles with this guy, depending on whether you’re pedaling or not. It’s pretty amazing, and you also have pointer-free tires, so those puncture-free tires will get you where you need to go.

*Credit to EBPMAN Tech Reviews