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C3STROM ASTRO Pro: The Tesla of Electric Bikes!

I have reviewed many e-bikes, but nothing is like this C3stromAstro Pro e-bike, or perhaps a motorcycle. So what makes it unique? Let’s get going.

The design makes it unique

Regarding the design. The C3StormAstro Pro has one of the coolest designs for an e-bike, if not the coolest. Both to the rider and to other people, it is nearly impossible to resist. There is a large headlight over there. There are two modes of intensity. I assure you that it is quite bright. In addition to the headlight, there are two turn signal lights. The way the tail light curves around is extremely nice. I rode the Astro Pro in several very dark places to test its visibility, and I felt very secure doing so.

The design makes it unique

A 3.5″ grayscale, backlit LCD provides all the necessary information, including battery life, help mode, and speed, among other things. Thank goodness it is incredibly clear even in direct sunshine. The throttle lever, light switches, and horn are all located on the right handlebar. The 8-speed Shimano twist shifter, preset buttons, and power button are located on the left. The triple-crown suspension fork is next in line. It is quite effective at reducing road jolts. The Astro Pro also features an incredibly long, plush silicone saddle that increases comfort. There is a rear rack for mounting your secondary battery that is located below the saddle. Although I haven’t personally installed one, I’ve seen that they provide a tutorial on the official C3strom website.

The battery of the C3strom

That’s awesome since you could ride for longer while worrying less about battery life.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the battery. You can always check how much juice is left using the button next to the indicator. On the opposite side, we also have the power switch button and a charging port. Most significantly, the design is replaceable. Slide right to remove the battery pack, then insert the key to unlock the battery. I purchased one with a 1040Wh capacity. The normal Astro comes with a 780Wh battery, not the Astro Pro. And between the Astro and Astro Pro, it is the only distinction. Simply line up the slots and slip the battery into place to fix it. The most important thing is to remember to lock it with your key.

The high-end finish and the premium quality

But I suppose the unique aluminum alloy frame is what really sets the C3strom apart from other standard e-bikes. This bike has a high-end finish and a sense of premium quality thanks to its well-polished gray accent. It has a price, of course. It is not something you can move about easily; it weighs 95 pounds. However, I think the majority of people would prefer to ride it about rather than carry it.

The ride quality C3strom can offer

We have two 20″ x 4.25″ fat tires further down. I haven’t seen many other e-bikes with 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes. They certainly provide me with a more responsive and efficient stopping at high speeds, in my experience. Speaking of speed, the Astro Pro has a 750 watt Bafang rear motor that, according to the official specifications, allows for a top speed of 32 mph. According to my tests, I can travel as quickly as 34 mph on flat ground while weighing 85 kg. I believe I am capable of moving even more quickly than this, but I refrained from doing so out of fear. I was genuinely surprised by that speed. Despite its weight, the bike still gives users a feeling of extreme power. The ride was just ridiculously enjoyable.

Regarding ride quality, however, this C3strom Astro Pro e-bike has many pleasant surprises.

Even though it was raining when I tested it, my back and shoes were adequately protected. Actually, the bike has waterproofing that meets IPX6 standards. That’s an added benefit. I frequently received the question, “Can I ride this in the rain?” You can now thanks to Astro Pro.

The mobile application

A mobile application is also included with the bike. Unlike those unpolished or mixed Chinese and English e-bike apps. The C3strom app appears to be excellent. Even so, it provides all the essentials you require, like a map, comprehensive battery information, parameter modification, etc.

For others, this e-bike may be used for both cycling and shopping thanks to its many attachment options for baskets or bottle cages on the downtube. Good fenders are present.

It also has some drawbacks

But much as when I review a product, I always point out the drawbacks in addition to the advantages. The absence of an adjustable seat post is the only complaint I have. While the original specification states that it’s designed to fit riders 165cm to 185cm tall, I personally don’t have a problem with that because it fits my 5″7 height fine. So I can only imagine how tough it would be for someone much taller than me to ride it. But the design of this e-bike cannot now be changed.

Get your own C3strom!

I’m generally satisfied with the ride. This C3strom Astro ought to be at the top of your purchase list if you’re seeking a sturdy, all-weather, all-terrain, and incredibly entertaining outdoor vehicle with a respectable level of speed and power that is also ecologically friendly.

This product is now in the crowdfunding stage, allowing you to receive the best price. Compared to other manufacturers with the same specifications, you might save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. As much as I enjoyed riding it, I hope you enjoyed seeing it.


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