C3strom Astro Pro

Mar 27 2023

Welcome to my review of the C3strom Astro Pro Ebike. This exceptional electric bike is designed for off-road adventures and urban commuting. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the features, performance, and specifications of the bike.

They offer a non-pro version of this bike that is slightly cheaper, but the only difference between the two is the battery. The pro version has a 20 amp hour battery and a 52-volt system, and the bike looks great with several issues that have been fixed, such as the shifter being upside down on the left-hand side. The bike performs fantastically and feels great to ride, with a top speed of 32 miles an hour, though the speaker notes that they were able to hit 35 miles an hour. The bike has a 750-watt rear motor, with a peak power of 1200 or 1400 watts, and includes features such as turn signals, a headlight, and a half-twist throttle. The bike also has a rear rack that can hold an extra battery, which is useful if the battery runs low while riding.

I will certainly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this bike, as although it was given to me for free, the company has allowed me to express my honest opinions about it.

Tail part

Let’s start at the back of the bike, where you will notice the tail light located at the very top and far end of the bike, which I appreciate for its high visibility. However, I do feel that there was a missed opportunity to include a cool brake light in this area. Additionally, I do like the logo placement here, but I think it would have been even better if they had added some additional design elements. Moving on, we have the rear rack, which has holes that allow for the attachment of bags, which the company sells on its website. I particularly like these holes because they provide an option to attach an additional battery using a rail, enabling you to swap batteries for double the range.

You have some sleek fenders that are not commonly found on bikes. The fenders can be detached easily from a small section, so there’s no need to remove the entire piece from the bike. These plastic fenders are lighter than metal ones, which is beneficial since the bike already weighs around 92-94 pounds. The fender extends all the way to the front, providing full coverage and preventing any splashing while riding. The bike has a 750-watt Bafang+ motor, eight speeds at the back, and a Shimano Altus derailleur. However, in gear number one, the chain comes very close to the rim and tire, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be using that gear unless you’re starting from a stop. The bike has a standard crank and pedals with a logo behind them. Bolts are present that can be used to attach a water bottle holder or other accessories. The top section has air vents located behind the battery, but they are only for aesthetic purposes and do not serve any functional purpose. The screws used to attach them look cheap up close, but it’s not noticeable from a distance. The vents underneath the bike do not have any functionality and are just there to enhance the bike’s appearance.


Moving on to the battery, let’s start by mentioning that this particular electric bike comes with a 20 amp hour battery. However, if you opt for the non-pro model, the battery is slightly smaller. As you may already know, batteries are one of the most costly components of electric bikes, and you may need to replace or upgrade them to get more range. For instance, if you don’t want to carry the extra weight of a battery on the back rack, you might consider upgrading to a 24-amp-hour battery. This upgrade could add four extra amp hours and potentially provide you with up to 32 miles of range if you use only the throttle. However, based on my experience, I get around 26 to 28 miles of range on average, given my weight and type of riding. The terrain and the rider’s weight will significantly impact the bike’s range. Using the lowest pedal assist level, you could achieve up to 70 miles of range, but you’ll have to pedal the whole time, and the speed will be slow. Nonetheless, some people might find it useful.

To remove the battery, you need to use the keys on one side to unlock it, and then the keys must come out to avoid hitting the bar on the other side, which could bend them. Taking the battery out isn’t straightforward, and you need to be cautious to avoid smashing your fingers. If you have large hands, it might be a bit more challenging. Compared to other bikes, getting the battery in and out of this bike is a bit harder, but not impossible. Currently, I am eager to test if this other battery fits in the bike, although it won’t be used for our writing test. It turns out that it doesn’t fit, so upgrading to a slightly larger battery is not an option. Nonetheless, this is not the fault of the company; I simply wanted to experiment.

Front part

Moving to the front, the bike features a serial number on the frame, good suspension, and a unique fender design that complements the motorcycle look they are going for. Unlike most bikes, there is no headlight, but there is a large headlight up front, and a beautiful sequential turn signal. The rims of the bike have a cool motorcycle type of style, which is also evident in the mag wheels from Bafang, which have a Bafang logo. The fat tires, measuring 20 by 4.25, are the highlight of the bike. They are motorcycle-grade and very thick, making them less susceptible to punctures. The hydraulic brakes on both sides are excellent, and the cable management is decent, although some zip ties may be necessary to clean them up a bit. The headlight is high-quality, with a C3strom logo on top, but the beam is more focused and less wide than other headlights.


I would say that the seat on this bike is exceptional, perhaps one of the best seats I have ever sat on. It offers a lot of space due to the slight incline, providing ample cushioning for sitting on the bike. Now that we’re on the bike, let me show you that I have installed a mirror on this side. Adding a mirror to this bike is a simple process – all you need to do is remove the bar end cap, slide in the mirror, and tighten it up. The grips on the handlebars are quite nice, although I did notice that mine had loosened slightly. However, they are locking grips, so I can easily fix that. The shifter on this bike has been improved; the numbers now go in the correct order, unlike before when they were upside down. I understand why people were unhappy about this, as the shifter was originally supposed to be on the other side. But now, with the left-side shifter in place, that issue has been resolved.

Display button

Moving on to the button layout, we have the ability to access settings by holding this button down. The plus and minus buttons are used to adjust the pedal assist modes, and the on/off button is used to turn the display on or off. Speaking of the display, I must say that it looks fantastic. It’s all digital and very aesthetically pleasing. One of the things I love about this bike is that it has a memory mode, which means that it starts off in the mode that you last used. Some people may argue that this isn’t a good idea, especially if someone else tries to ride the bike and accidentally hits the throttle, but I appreciate not having to cycle through the modes every time I ride. Additionally, you can put the bike in assist mode zero, which disables the throttle, ensuring that the bike won’t move if you just want to keep the headlight on. Lastly, I like that the display cycles through various settings, such as Speed Max and average speed, which is a nice touch.

Light system switch

Moving to the right side of the bike, there is a headlight button, which I find very convenient, as well as the turn signal. The horn is also located here, but it may be too loud for some people, and it would have been better if there was a proper horn like the ones on other motorcycles. The half-twist throttle is also on this side, which is nice, although some people may find it uncomfortable due to its size. The negative button on the switch can be used to activate the walking mode, where the bike can be walked next to you. When the brakes are applied, the lights get brighter, which is a feature I appreciate. The bike also has a daytime running light, and to turn on the headlight, you need to press the button located here. You can also change the setting for the headlights in the app that comes with the bike. Additionally, there are high and low beams available.


Once you obtain this bike, it will only reach a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. However, there is an app called C3strom that can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android device, which allows you to access the off-road mode and increase the speed. It is important to note that using this mode may not be legal in your local area, and it is advised to check the regulations beforehand. Despite the speed limitation, the bike has a smooth throttle and can still reach up to 27.6 miles per hour without any issues. Additionally, when pedaling, the bike performs exceptionally well, especially in the lowest gear. Although the motor may be loud, it does not impact the overall riding experience. Lastly, the bike has an attractive appearance when viewed in the sunlight.


The Astro Pro comes equipped with four-piston brake calipers, which provide exceptional stopping power, as we’ll demonstrate in the brake test. Despite having no rear suspension, the fenders fully cover the tires, and nothing appears to fly off. While it may not be the best bike for off-roading due to the lack of rear suspension, the seat compensates for it, absorbing all of the vibrations and making it very comfortable. The tires are not designed for off-roading but perform nicely on the road. The braking is fantastic, and if I were to replace the brakes on my Super 73, I would do it immediately. During the test, the bike reached high speeds, and the brakes performed incredibly well without causing any skidding. The bike traveled five miles on a single charge, and only one battery bar out of five was used.


Now that we are riding with the wind, I am curious to know what our maximum speed could be. Let’s push the bike to its limits as we ride down this slight incline. With the help of the wind, we could potentially reach speeds of 30 or even 34 miles per hour. I will pedal to see if it makes any difference. Oh, I managed to hit 35 mph the other day when the battery was fully charged, but I also almost slipped out since this bike doesn’t have all-terrain tires. I advise you to be cautious if you plan on riding this bike on dirt. You can change the tires, but the ones it comes with are excellent. Riding in the dirt is mostly smooth, with just a few bumps here and there, and the bike handles them like a pro. However, I must mention that my hand hurts because the grip is too small, and the throttle is too big for my hand size. A thumb throttle would have been more comfortable, but it would not have fit because of the headlight switch, turn signal, and horn button. The grip could be slightly thicker to make it more comfortable.

I did not mention earlier that I wanted to adjust the preload on my bike when going off-road. However, this bike has a preload adjustment on one side and compression adjustment on the other. Adjusting the preload is important to ensure that there is no sag on the bike when you sit on it, and I felt a little bit of sag when I first got on the bike. So, I need to turn it up slightly. Although these adjustments are great, once you set them, you won’t need to adjust them again unless you gain or lose weight or someone else rides your bike. One of my biggest complaints about this bike is that it does not have a rear suspension. While I initially thought it was unnecessary, it would have been nice to have. The wheels look great but are not light, which contributes to the bike’s weight of over 90 pounds. If you want a lighter bike, you’ll have to consider something else. The 750-watt motor performs well, but I would have preferred the bike to weigh around 80 pounds instead of over 90. Another downside of this bike is removing the battery, which might not be a problem for some people. However, if you need to take the battery off to charge it in your house, it’s not as easy as most e-bikes out there, although it’s not too difficult. This inconvenience may be a problem for some people.

Another concern for taller riders is that when pedaling, their feet may come up higher than on other e-bikes, potentially causing discomfort. This seems to be the case with this particular bike, and riders over six feet tall may find it difficult to pedal comfortably. However, many buyers of this bike may not even pedal it and instead rely solely on the throttle. After riding for 10 miles, the battery has gone down one bar for every five miles, indicating a range of about 25 miles, which is similar to other bikes on the market. Although the bike has a 20 amp hour battery, it is still heavy, and riders should consider their location before purchasing. While there are a few minor drawbacks, such as the suspension, the pros of this bike outweigh them. It can be challenging to find reasons not to buy this bike, aside from the relatively high price point of $2,700 (previously priced at $2,000 during an Indiegogo campaign). If given the choice between this bike and the Super 73, and not planning to upgrade to a 72-volt system, the reviewer would choose this bike. The only reason to choose the Super 73 would be the larger community of enthusiasts and the potential for more significant upgrades.

In conclusion, the reviewed electric bike has several notable features, including a 750-watt rear motor, a top speed of 32 miles per hour, turn signals, a headlight, and a half-twist throttle. The bike also has a rear rack that can hold an extra battery, providing the rider with the option to swap batteries for double the range. However, the bike’s weight is around 92-94 pounds, and some of its components, such as the screws used to attach air vents, look cheap up close. Removing the battery is also a bit harder than on other bikes, and getting it in and out requires some caution. The bike’s fenders are lightweight and easy to detach, and the fat tires are motorcycle-grade and less susceptible to punctures. The hydraulic brakes on both sides are excellent, and the cable management is decent, although some zip ties may be necessary to clean them up a bit. Overall, this bike could be an excellent option for those who need a powerful and durable electric bike with a high top speed and a decent range. However, potential buyers should keep in mind its weight and some of its design elements that could be improved. This bike is a great choice for riders who want a motorcycle-style e-bike with many exciting features.

*Credit to MrCentraldriver