C3Strom E-Moped Review. Is this the best Value Electric Motorbike out there

Feb 12 2023

Guys, we have an e-bike review that has already been written, and I couldn’t be happier. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the way this looks and the style of this bicycle. I’m a biker at heart, and I also enjoy cycling, so I’m a fan of e-bikes, bicycles, and motorcycles. If you are a person like me, you will adore the way this appears.


The overview of the bike

It’s a hybrid of a motorcycle and an e-bike or a bicycle, and I must say that I’m quite fond of its appearance. This object is solid and weighs approximately 80 pounds, which is quite heavy, but I am able to lift it because today is leg day. I will assign it a total score of 50 based on its value, performance, ride quality, design, and overall quality, using a scale of one to ten. If you’re dealing with someone who wants to buy a bike that is exactly what they want, like this one, you can’t buy a frame like this cheaply or easily and turn it into a bike like this, so this is a very viable option for many people, and this e-moped style is a very popular segment. Super 73 has dominated this market for a very long time, but their products are quite expensive. I do not wish to disclose prices at this time, but I am aware that they exceed $3,000. It depends on your budget and your activities. People believe you are a professional e-bike builder because you’re wearing a t-shirt of Michael Jordan dunking an ice cream cone.

Let’s start at the front of the bike and work our way to the back, where you can see that the tires are quite substantial. These are supposed to be puncture proof and I believe these are really thick tires I think they’re just 20 inches probably but these are motorcycle tires. I don’t know how difficult it would be to source these, but hopefully not very difficult, but these are essentially little tiny motorcycle wheels. It’s got a front fender here. It’s got turn signals up front here, a cool little headlight here. I believe these might be the 180s because they appear to have dual-piston hydraulic brakes, which is really nice. Typically, 180s are stamped on the rotors, but these don’t appear to have any markings. It has a front fork with compression, so you can adjust how hard or soft you want it to feel, and the cockpit is quite interesting.

It has turn signals, a horn, a headlight, and a gear shifter, similar to a motorcycle. It’s a little backward, but it doesn’t have much of an impact. The initial observation was that the grip shifters were mounted inverted. If I had my way, I would install a trigger shifter or find a way to install a seven-speed transmission. It contains Shimano parts. The Shimano Altus rear derailleur is equipped with a grip shift. It has nice grips like they feel premium they’re locking grips so you don’t have to take the air hose to get them off. they just three millimeters and take them off it’s got a grip a half twist grip throttle right here it’s very responsive and then it’s got a really nice display here I really do like this display it shows a lot of information. Here is the battery; this one came with a 52-volt 20-amp-hour battery; I think they did a great job designing this into the frame; it mounts backward than it normally would; however, this is a 1,000-watt-hour battery, so the range will be good depending on how you ride it; with e-bikes or cars, you either go fast or far.

Depending on how you ride a vehicle with a power source, the range can range from 30 to 60 miles. It has a massive single chainring up front, which is something like a 52 or 54 tooth, and a 7-speed cassette in the rear, which I believe is an 11 by 34. At 80 pounds of human power, you won’t be pedaling this bicycle all that much. It has hydraulic disc brakes in the rear and this one comes with the rear rack it’s a very small rack but it’s better than nothing and it’s well made it also has the full coverage fender and the rear on the rear does have a brake light integrated into the rear here it sort of just dovetails off the seat and it has turn signals very nice I really like this it’s very impressive. It has a rear-mounted kickstand here, and I believe the controller is mounted in this area as well.

Let’s go and do a test now. So you can see the hill climb it almost made it up with just throttle from the very worst spot which I’ve never tested a hub motor that can do I just had to move it back about 10 feet and it got up there and like this motor is actually pretty powerful. I don’t know if it’s because of the power, you know 2000 watts. That’s a lot of power going to this thing or if it’s the way that it’s wound. This feels solid, powerful, and good, and as you well know, I have a strong preference for mid-drives. I love my mid-drives, but I don’t hate this one, and that’s a big deal with a 52-volt battery because typically you have to find 72-volt systems on hub motors before they begin to perform well, but this 52-volt system performs exceptionally well. Even though the display says 28, I’m sure you could unlock this if you tried. The display on this bike is interactive, and it appears to be Bluetooth-enabled, so it appears that a Bluetooth app will be available for this bike.


The rating system-Value

At a starting price of $1,700, this bicycle could be very exciting. And once it’s unlocked, it’ll probably do around 34 or 35 mph with this much power, and if you fiddle with the settings, it’ll probably go even faster. As of the recording of this video, this bike had not yet been released; however, it will be released soon, so please check back. Check out the links below if you want to pre-order or buy this bike before I have all of the information on it.

Let’s move on to the rating system. Let’s go number one with value. For $1700 or even $1800 or whatever you’re buying this for, or whatever you’re paying for this, I believe you’re receiving an incredible value. It is absolutely a 10 in terms of value. There is nothing that I would actually criticize. They carry high-quality items. They gave considerable consideration to this. The frame and battery capacity are incredible. I wish it had a mid-drive, but it’s fine as is. In fact, this might be a better setup because it’s still powerful and will be great for the majority of people. Value, absolutely 10.


The rating system-Performance

Performance. This item served as a hub motor normally. On paper, I would probably give this a score of five or six. However, based on actual riding experience, I will give this an eight for performance. I wish it came with a greater degree of access. So I’m sitting here editing this video and I just wanted to break the fourth wall really quick and let you know that after spending a little bit more time there is an app and by a little bit of time- I meant five seconds, I found out there is an app. Downloaded it and in that app, you’re able to unlock the controller. You you’re able to set it at different classes whether you want to be a class 3, off-road, etc. It also has more detailed information about your bike and ride, as well as battery health and everything else in the app, so the app is actually quite helpful, and you can unlock it. I was able to unlock it and reach speeds over 30 miles per hour, low 30s probably 32-33 miles per hour. However, unlocking the app did not affect the low-end torque curve, as it only affects top speed. I would have given it a 10 if it had reached that level. So let’s give it a 9 for performance design; this bicycle is fantastic.


The rating system-Design

Design. This is a pre-production model, and I was unable to connect to the Bluetooth; however, if I were able to connect to the Bluetooth and unlock all the features, I would certainly give it a 10. This deserves a score of 10 because I adore every aspect of it, including its appearance and texture.


The rating system-Ride quality

Let’s talk about ride quality; this is where things get a little tricky because it has these fat motorcycle tires, which cause it to behave a little erratically. However, it rides extremely smoothly, even over bumps and railroad tracks, because this is a large, padded seat, it has a hard tailback, and there is no suspension here, but the front suspension absorbs a lot of road noise, and these large tires absorb the rest. So for that, I’ll give it a nine. Obviously, it loses some because of handling but honestly, it’s like not a huge deal and when you’re buying for this you’re probably not trying to buy like for a track bike. So I would say give it a nine for that.


The rating system-Bike quality

The bike quality. I think they did an excellent job. Shimano Altus is not the highest

end but it’s too mid-level can’t knock it. It has hydraulic brakes without a brand name; they are neither Tektro nor Shimano, but they still feel great. Everything about this bike feels very sturdy, which I really appreciate. It’s a solid bike. They did a lot of internal wiring routing for things like the rear brake cable. For $1,700, this is more of a motorcycle. I believe it’s a motorcycle because it has a top speed of approximately 33 miles per hour, but it could be modified to go much faster, and you might even be able to get a license plate and register it. This is where I have my own thoughts “Can this vehicle be registered? Turn signals, lights, a speedometer, and a horn are included.” Please register the vehicle if it has a VIN number. That’s who it’s for if you have an inner hooligan and you like just cruising and having fun, being comfortable, and in my opinion having a stylish bike, this bike is for you. Obviously, if you’re a cyclist and you want to go get exercise on this, this is not the bike for you. You’re not going to get exercise. Your q factor is all messed up from sitting on it like this. This is a wide seat although it’s comfortable.

I’m so glad I was able to test-ride it and get my hands on it because this is a really cool bike. I do recommend this bike if you’re in the market for a moped-style emoto. I’m not sure what this segment is called, but this is a great value bike and it’s just fun to ride.


*Credit to JohnnyNerdOut