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Merry Christmas C3STROM Backers! How to Decorate your ASTRO PRO for Christmas

Take a joyous stroll through the town this Christmas while savoring the happiness that the season brings. You’ll pass ornament-covered trees and people racing to hear carols being sung behind church walls. Bells will ring, windows and buildings will be lit up with lights, and there will be a ringing of bells. You may easily travel with your luggage loaded into the front or back racks of your ASTRO PRO. Having said that, you should spend some time decorating your electric bicycles to make this Christmas even more special and fun. Even while this might not be usual, you can still make a difference. You shouldn’t take the fun away from your bike. Visit this blog to view many e-bike customization ideas. 


Paint on the frame:

You can paint the frame of your e-bike to make it more visually appealing. An e-bike frame can look brand new by getting new paint on it. You may find a wide variety of bike paint ideas with a vast variety of creative options online. You can also select a shop that focuses on painting motorcycles. Painting the bike frame is another effective way to cover up the rusty components of the old e-bike. That will make the frame feel fresh and look brand-new!


Adding Christmas decorations:

Utilizing Christmas decorations is one of the best bike decoration ideas. These are easily adjustable and may be changed in any way. Many locations, including the frame, handlebars, front rack, rear rack, and wheel spokes, are suitable for using these Christmas decorations.


Use Lights to Decorate:

In addition to being a necessary bicycle component for both daylight and nighttime riding, lights can be utilized to customize your bike. There are flashing lights as well as steady, vibrant lighting. This allows you to combine bike decorations and safety measures. You have alternatives for practically every component of your bike, including your wheels, when it comes to the numerous e-bike LED lights you can buy. Due to the nature of electricity and battery-powered bicycles, it is not advised to make your own lights or to attach any bought lights to or close to the motor or battery. It will be safer to use battery-powered lighting. Although adding lights to your bike is quite creative, you’ll need some practical knowledge to know where to install them. Here are some recommended e-bike parts that you can adorn with lights:

  1. Front and rear racks;
  2. Frame
  3. Wheel spokes knew as the handlebars

Once the lights are on, you are free to ride throughout the town in a festive mood.


List for Decoration: 

  • Christmas Garland
  • Christmas Wreath
  • Lights
  • Santa Claus Figure
  • Christmas Ribbon
  • Ornaments
  • Christmas Swag
  • Bell

The journey is entirely up to you, no matter what ideas you have for customizing your ebike or how you decide to do it. You may show off your ingenuity and uniqueness by customizing your ASTRO PRO!

Lastly! Merry Christmas to all C3STROM Supporters!

Why E-Bikes Make Excellent Holiday Gifts

As a Christmas present, why do e-bikes sound right for people of all ages? Convenient electric bikes are quickly becoming the standard in the cycling market thanks to recent technological advancements. E-bikes are bicycles that look and ride like regular bikes, but they also have a battery that charges electrical motors to assist riders on steep inclines. Read on to learn why e-bikes for Christmas make an incredible gift.


Their usefulness spans demographics and age groups.

Those on your “nice” list can enjoy the gift of an electric bicycle, and the C3STROM ASTRO PRO, a special moped Style Electric Bike with Pedals made for city streets. When it comes to giving young people a taste of freedom and independence before they are old enough to legally operate a motor vehicle, e-bikes are second to none. Many elderly people have health issues that prevent them from riding a traditional bicycle, so e-bikes have become very popular among them. They feature pedal-assist technology, which opens up the possibility of cycling to a much broader range of elderly people.


Useful for people of varying degrees of physical fitness.

Electric bikes come with electric components that supplement the power provided by the rider rather than completely replacing it. Those who have trouble with their mobility may be able to ride the bike with the help of the assisted power, which also makes it much easier to ride up steep grades or hills.

Because the additional power does not entirely replace your efforts, you will continue to burn calories even while you are riding. In point of fact, new research has shown that riding an electric bike is an excellent form of exercise that is at least on par with the benefits that come from riding a standard bicycle. You will be able to cover greater distances without experiencing the same levels of fatigue, all the while burning calories and maintaining your fitness level.


They’re more eco-friendly than other transportation options.

Most models of e-bikes can travel between 20 and 30 miles before needing another charge, making them an eco-friendly mode of transportation. The maximum range for C3STROM ASTRO PRO is 78 miles. Gifting an e-bike to a commuter on your list is a great way to help them avoid using fossil fuels or relying on public transportation, both of which can be time-consuming, pricey, and unreliable. In a nutshell, electric bicycles (e-bikes) are a viable, cost-effective, and ecologically sound mode of transportation.


A lot more people feel comfortable riding these than regular bikes.

In addition to the increased power they provide, e-bikes also have a significant safety advantage over traditional bicycles because of their incorporation of hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic brakes in e-bikes like the C3STROM ASTRO PRO are more durable and less likely to fail than the cable brakes found on traditional bicycles. On rougher roads, you’re less likely to get a flat or lose control of the bike thanks to the e-stronger, the bike’s puncture-resistant tires.

I don’t understand the rationale behind giving bicycles as Christmas presents. There are many people you might want to show your appreciation for this holiday season by giving the gift of a bike, and upgrading to an e-bike like the C3STROM ASTRO PRO is a great way to do just that. To get around town easily and get some exercise any time of the year, nothing beats an electric bike. They’re reliable, environmentally friendly, and great for people of all ages and fitness levels.

2022 C3STROM Photo Contest

1st Phase

Let’s take a look at the nice output of the top ten backers of the photo contest:

Hello C3Strom backers! We appreciate all of the photographers who participated in our first photo contest. Good work! We selected the top ten photo groups from among the many beautiful photos you submitted. The images demonstrate how much you adore your bike and way of life. It was heartfelt and inspired us to develop better goods and services!


The game’s last battle is currently underway! Your supporters are being urged to back your photo groups by casting a vote at:


Let’s look at the lovely work produced by the top ten sponsors of the picture competition:

1. VitoCane


2. Rick Arcelay


3. Matthew Gissentanna


4. Cole James


5. River Osiris Coke


6. Bike Myers


7. Danielc1004


8. Danielc1004 group 2


9. Wins


10. Tyler Chan


Vote for your favorite photo groups! Visit, and comment below with your social media account left, and you will get a $50 coupon from

2022 Photo Contest

Dear ASTRO backers,

Considering the difficulty and inconvenience of making videos, we have changed the video contest to photo contest. PLUS, we’ve UPGRADED the prizes!


The photo contest requirement:

Take and upload at least three photos to participate.

The photo can be taken with any device and shared on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter with the following tags: Twitter @C3Strom, Facebook @c3strom, Instagram @c3strom, Pinterest @c3strom

We strongly advise you to do lifestyle shots – a creative session that shows you riding your bike, having fun while riding, and exploring the nooks and crannies of your area with the Astro, or another riding style you want.

Each participant will receive a $50 coupon on our website:


We will choose the top 15 photos and then hold a poll on Facebook on November 25th, 2022, with the winning photos selected by votes on December 5th, 2022.


The Upgraded Prizes:

1st place – $500 cash *1 →  $800 cash *1

2nd place – Mid-basket for ASTRO*3 → ASTRO Battery *2

3rd place – Coffee cup holder for*5 → $500 Coupon *3

And for those who submit the photos and tag us, each participant will receive a $50 coupon.


Photo Contest Rules:

– The contest is open to everyone.

– You will need to take at least 3 photos, upload them to your social media account, and tag us (Facebook @c3strom, Instagram @c3strom, Pinterest @c3strom, Twitter @C3Strom)

– Photos created by illegal or unauthorized access to restricted areas will not be considered for prizes

– You must own the rights to the photos.

– We will choose the best 15 photos. Then we will set up voting on Facebook. The winning photos will be determined by the number of votes.

– A minimum of 30 participants is required to trigger the 1st prize.

– Photos will be excluded from the contest if they contain content that breaks the law, or has a negative impact on society, or is unrelated to C3STROM Astro

– C3STROM reserves the final explanation.



Submission Period

10/11/2022- 25/11/2022

Voting Period:



End Time:

Submission period ends on 25/11/2022 23:59 EST

Voting period ends on 05/12/2022 23:59 EST


Winner Announcement date:

6/12/2022 12:00 EST  

C3STROM Astro Black Friday Sale 2022 – Save More on Electric Moped Bikes

Dreaming of a brand new electric moped bike for yourself, your family, or your friends? It’s that time again for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! We are offering incredible sale prices with free shipping for C3STROM Astro electric bikes.

C3STROM Electric Bikes Black Friday Sale 2022 Starts 14.11.2022

C3STROM is excited to delight the e-bike community in the US with our outstanding Black Friday 2022 offer! Enjoy amazing discounts on C3STROM ASTRO.
On “Black Friday” days only, there are real discounts on Astro electric moped bikes of up to $450 off. This is a unique opportunity to buy Astro bikes at extra low prices. Whatever electric bike you are looking for, we have an offer ready for you!

Black Friday Promo Code for C3STROM Astro

Save up to $450 off on two amazing Astro electric moped bikes for a limited time. The coupon code to use is __. Save more on electric moped bikes this Black Friday Cyber Monday event. Now is the right time to grab the best deal! Take advantage of the Black Friday annual sale as it won’t last long.

C3STROM Astro Black Friday Sale Tech Specs

Motor: Bafang 750W rear hub motor
Top speed: 28 mph or 32 mph in off-road mode
Range: 70+ miles in hybrid mode with pedal assist
Battery: Samsung 1040 Wh (removable and lockable)
Wheels: 20×4.25-inch fat tires
Brakes: 4-piston hydraulic brakes
Extras: Large LED display, bright headlight, and taillight with turn signals including rear rack and full fenders, 7-speed gears, the USB charging port in the display

Class 3 Electric Bikes Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

The Astro is not an ordinary class 3 electric bike. The Astro rear-wheel drive electric moped bike is built on a spatial aluminum frame designed to withstand loads of up to 300lbs, and thanks to its wide 20-inch wheels, it resembles a motorcycle. It has an oil-spring shock absorber at the rear, which has a lock and supports driving in difficult terrain.

A 750-W geared motor from the time-honored Bafang brand is mounted in the rear wheel and allows speeds up to 32 mph. The battery, with a capacity of 1040 Wh, consists of Samsung Li-Ion cells and is hidden inside the frame. It offers a range of up to 70 miles, and a full charge takes about 4 hours.

The Astro Class 3 e-bike is equipped with 7-speed Shimano gears and hydraulic disk brakes. For effective braking, there are four calipers installed at once – two at the rear and two at the front. The brakes have built-in sensors that turn off the motor even if the brake lever is pressed lightly.

C3STROM Set to Launch ASTRO & ASTRO PRO May 25 on Indiegogo

C3STROM, a trailblazer in hi-tech electric bikes, today announced the crowdfunding launch of the ASTRO and ASTRO PRO, its multi-terrain, precision designed, class 3 bike. This model series features an impressive balance of battery power, eye-catching build, smooth ride, and safety features until now unavailable in a two-wheeler.

“The ASTRO’s release marks a new level for the all-in-one electric bike,” said Harry Chan, C3STROM CEO. “The story here was just us asking, why are riders supposed to choose between looks, comfort, speed, and adaptability? They shouldn’t have to, and now they don’t have to; this model’s specs and reviews speak for themselves.”

The ASTRO Arrives

C3STROM’s new outing has been met with much anticipation given its package of snazzy looks, purposeful design and functional road tech. The off-road capable ASTRO underlines safety with 4 piston hydraulic brakes, high lumen LED 130 Lux headlights and signaling integrated tail lights. Despite its enviable top speeds of 28 mph in C3 and 32 mph in off-road mode, comfort was clearly prioritized here. The silicone saddle, pedal-assist features, 5 riding mode levels, and adjustable front forks combined with an asymmetrical human-centered aluminum frame for a cozy riding experience.

For those looking to travel far, the removable lithium-ion battery offers a maximum range of 78 miles and a quick charging turnaround of 4-5 hours. The dual-mode Class 3 and off-road options are powered by the 750W expands options tremendously, a perk that won’t go unnoticed by all types of riders. As a class 3 e-bike, the versatile ASTRO is also legal to use without a license. 

With its striking racing and motorized image, the ASTRO and ASTRO PRO may break right through aesthetic limitations plagued by other bikes on the market, but it is also decked out with convenience through its APP-controlled functions and dazzling range of optional accessories. 





Price Revealed

The company announced today that the ASTRO and ASTRO PRO will be available through their Indiegogo launch, coming in at an early bird price of $1,699 and $1,899, respectively. The selected crowdfunding price confirms C3STROM’s sincere intention to deliver a cutting-edge quality to E-bike enthusiasts. Undergirding that competitive pricing is, of course, a 1-year warranty. 


With a proud, decade-long tenure in the e-bike arena, the parent company of C3STROM was established in Hong Kong by forging a seamless blend of innovation and dependability. The founders are engineers, designers, green activists and most importantly, passionate riders. The start-up has already revolutionized road performance, aesthetics and comfort through cutting-edge tech and precise, balanced design. When they set out 2 years ago, their goal was to bring revolutionary e-bikes to the world market and unchain people from the traditional, unsustainable modes of transportation, leading to a life-changing ride.