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ASTRO PRO Error07 Overvoltage

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    FZCJ5220401353 is GREY, bike having trouble
    FZCJ5220401393 is SILVER, bike “known good”

    After my son (175 lbs) rode the GREY bike up a steep hill, bike stops and shows Error30. Contacted C3STROM and swapped controller. The GREY bike still has a persistent Error07. We have tried swapping the controller twice, code remains.

    Kristina told me a couple of weeks ago to run the battery down using the SILVER bike and it is now down to 4%/46.2V. GREY Bike still shows Error07.

    Both batteries have always worked in the SILVER bike. #Battery is not the issue.

    Today, I swapped one of those new 2023 controllers with the OEM (2022) controller on the SILVER bike. No code on (known good) SILVER bike. #Controller not the issue

    I took the known good OEM controller and put it on the GREY bike, still shows Error07.
    John from ChattaBikes (not a C3STROM dealer, though listed on the C3STROM website) suggested earlier this week to swap displays on the bikes to see if the error code is read by only one display. I plug the known good display to the GREY bike, shows Error07. Plug it back into SILVER bike, no code. #Display is not the issue.

    Hooked up SILVER bike to GREY bike motor and motor responded. Hooked up GREY bike to SILVER bike motor, no response.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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