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Took My Money Through Affirm / Won’t take calls though.

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    AvatarMichael Geter

    I find it interesting that you and your company were quick to take the money offered on my behalf through the Affirm program, however, when it came time to speak about why my bike wasn’t showing as Shipped after some time, the only thing someone could say (and the only message I ever got that seemed genuine) was that “Because of the renovation of our warehouse we may not ship right now. I could be next week.” But, if you knew there was issues with shipping, that should be something you inform a new customer of. Mistake #1. Mistake #2 is being such A new company and doing such renovations that put you out of business effectively speaking and don’t allow you to actually ship the items that are going to warrant the money spent on a renovation to your warehouse This just doesn’t make sense. Why would you spend money on something that takes money out of your pocket when customers say I don’t like doing business with them and spread that sentiment across the Internet like I plan to do. not to mention by not taking any phone calls or messages or answering emails you now have placed yourself in a position that makes that makes you look fraudulent. I will be taking this maximum level of social awareness as possible to make sure noone does business with you if at all possible. CANCEL MY ORDER AND REFUND MY AFFIRM MONEY.

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