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  1. What are cookies?


C3STROM uses cookies. Cookies are text files that your device or browser stores when you visit our website.

Cookies are used to send data from a server to your device or browser to be stored. Then, this data is sent back to the server on a subsequent visit. This way, the server can recognize your device or browser.

We use the Facebook pixel, Twitter pixel, LinkedIn pixel, and Google AdWords Remarketing pixel to measure the conversion of our advertisements on social media. For general website analytics, we use Google Analytics.


  1. Basis for personal data processing

Because we can use cookies to collect, combine, or analyze data about your use of our website to be treated better or differently, we process your data. Therefore, we have a basis for each data processing, and this privacy and cookie statement applies.


  1. Cookie settings

You can change your choice for the use of cookies at any time by adjusting the cookie settings of your browser.



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