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E-Bikes & Accessories

A: We have poured a lot of energy into making this product meet the needs of most people. Comfortable riding experience, strong technology design, and multiple power levels to meet different needs. More specifications can be viewed here.

A: To be compliant with local regulations, our bikes are restricted according to local laws. For US customers, we set a speed limit of 28mph on the bike as default. But for enthusiasts, you could change to the ‘off-road mode’ for a higher maximum speed via the APP.

A: In the fully charged state, you can ride for about 31 miles using only pure electricity. Distance may vary from rider to rider.Riding in optimal conditions should produce a result of 78 miles.

A: Our free C3STROM APP for Android and iOS can be connected to your ASTRO or ASTRO PRO via Bluetooth.

A: Yes, we offer several optional accessories on our website, such as a rear rack, a folding lock, and a phone mount. We will also be launching other new extra equipment in the future.


A: Yes, of course – don’t forget you can just use the pedals! You can ride the bike without electrical assistance by using the pedals as you would with an ordinary push bicycle.

A: You will be able to purchase replacement parts directly from our online shop, such as replacement batteries and proprietary components. We designed the ASTRO PRO bike to use standard off-the-shelf components, so personalization and repairs can be acquired simply.


Our stylish, extremely speedable ASTRO ebikes are sure-fire hits for everyone on your list.