Hi Bikers

Jul 27 2022

To bikers,

This is a late letter, given that C3STROM is a new brand and bikers know almost nothing about us, we should have introduced ourselves and ASTRO‘s development to you a long time ago. We had no choice but to work 13 hours a day as our team was in its start-up phase, and after finishing basic everyday work, we finally have time to chat with everyone here, sincerely, rather than officially and formally.

Why we decided to design ASTRO

Our founders are e-bike engineers, designers, and passionate riders, the majority of our members have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Under the influence of the COVID-19, we like any other people gave up driving and public transportation and chose to commute by e-bike concerning the economic situation and safety. When we started selecting e-bikes, we were surprised that even though there are many brands and models on the market, we seem like just can’t pick out a satisfactory model. There are some cool-looking models with a high price and low configuration, some moderately priced models with good configuration but not cool looking, and some ordinary-looking models with low price and configuration. In short, we couldn’t find the e-bike we wanted, so we thought, why don’t we design our own cool-looking, super-equipped, and affordable e-bike?

ASTRO‘s Marketing Positioning

When we had the idea, we couldn’t wait to make it live. I still remember the excitement on everyone’s face at that time, after the passionate collision of ideas, we decided to design an e-bike with modern motorcycle features: cool appearance, fast speed, long mileage, and comfortable riding, at the same time it must comply with the law, no license plate needed. The appearance must be unique so that people can not forget at first glance, high configuration, conquer the most critical bikers, reasonable design, good quality, can cope with complex riding road conditions, after about two months of design and repeated modifications, ASTRO’s design drawings came out, it’s that gorgeous of our dreams!




How do we make the dream come true?

Because of the unique appearance of ASTRO, the development of mechanical parts is the most difficult to achieve. Many accessories require individual mold development, including the frame, saddle, front and rear lights, rear rack, carry bag, mudguard, mudguard connectors, etc… The hardest part is the frame, although we claim that the sample has gone over two generations of development, the frame has at least three generations of manual proofing. To adapt to the battery, and extended silicone saddle, we adjusted the size and appearance of the frame design, and to strengthen the frame, we added more design, the final product differs from the initial design.








Behind the Specification

Mechanical parts determine the strength and riding comfort of an e-bike, while electrical parts determine the smoothness of an e-bike. A perfect e-bike must be one with quick acceleration, fast speed, and long mileage. Riders can check the riding data at any time to understand the current status of the e-bike. we have detailed the configurations and data of ASTRO in the specification. Here I would like to explain the considerations behind ASTRO and related accessories from another perspective.

  • Fast

          Bafang 750W motor with 80n.m torque, 2000W peak power; 18mosfet 35A big controller, solid frame

  • Long range

          Samsung 21700 780/1080Wh battery

  • Safety

          4 piston motorcycle brake system, The same high and low beam, turn signal, brake light system as the car, super         solid frame

  • Convenience

          4A leading charger, removable battery, USB charging port, and smart battery BMS & controller could transport every data to display through a customized APP.

  • Riding experience

         Extented silicone saddle, 56T big crown, 20”frame size

Why hard-tail?

I know you must still have questions. ASTRO is a hard-tail e-bike, only the front fork has shock absorption. About this part, we discussed repeatedly during the design phase, that the hardtail is more efficient for speed, on the other hand, the soft tail is better at shock absorbing and more comfortable to ride, but the soft tail version takes longer to develop and costs more. We couldn’t wait to introduce ASTRO to everyone, as a startup team we had to learn the trade-offs. After the release of ASTRO, most bikers are very satisfied with ASTRO’s exterior design and most of the configurations, and of course the price.

Dissatisfied? The hardtail version was brought up the most, followed by the mention of the chain and footpegs being too close to the ground and the lack of protective cover. We have considered all these issues and hope you will support C3STROM so that we can afford to develop V2, a soft tail version based on V1, and other minor issues.

At last, we are very happy that ASTRO is successfully released, you may be attracted to join the C3STROM community by ASTRO’s appearance or the early bird price of crowdfunding. It doesn’t matter, I believe most of you and geeks can see the strong technical background of the C3STROM team through the design and specification of ASTRO. At present we have achieved mass production, we are different from some of the projects released on Indiegogo, we are ready for production and development. We chose to debut on Indiegogo, from the perspective of marketing, so this is almost a project without the risk of receiving goods. The first stage price during the crowdfunding has been released, and we hope that you will seize the opportunity to buy the Super Early Bird perk, because the cost of ASTRO development is very high, and we can only provide a limited number of super early bird perk as a real benefit for the initial C3STROM riders.

In the next post, we will further introduce the story behind the project. We have invited experts in the cycling industry to review it and some of the videos are already online. If you would like to learn more about C3STROM, we invite you to visit the following channels, in particular the C3STROM Youtube channel.

C3STROM Official Website: www.c3strom.com

YouTube: C3STROM

Instagram: c3strom


2022 May 25