How to Avoid Pedals Hitting the Ground When Turning on an Electric Bike

Mar 15 2023

The C3strom Astro Pro Moped-Style Electric Bike is a stylish and versatile e-bike that combines the convenience of a motorized bike with the style of a moped. However, its added weight and motorized components can make it more challenging to turn without hitting your pedals on the ground. Here are some tips for avoiding pedal strikes when turning on a C3strom Astro Pro.

1.Understand Your Bike’s Capabilities

The first step to avoiding pedal strikes on a C3strom Astro Pro is to understand its specific capabilities. This e-bike features a powerful 750W motor and 20-inch fat tires that provide excellent traction and stability. However, its weight distribution and turning radius may differ from other e-bikes. Consult the owner’s manual or talk to a bike shop expert to learn about your bike’s specific features that could impact your ability to turn without hitting your pedals.

2. Adjust Your Riding Style

Riding a C3strom Astro Pro requires a slightly different technique than a traditional bicycle. To avoid a pedal strike, make sure you’re shifting your weight and using your gears appropriately. Keep your weight balanced over the center of gravity and use your gears to shift to a lower gear before entering a turn. Take wider turns to avoid scraping your pedals on the ground. Plan ahead and anticipate turns to ensure you have enough space to make a safe turn without hitting your pedals.

3. Use the Throttle

The C3strom Astro Pro’s throttle allows you to accelerate without pedaling, which can be helpful when making turns. Instead of pedaling through turns, use the throttle to maintain your speed and coast through turns. This will help you maintain your balance and avoid putting too much pressure on your pedals. Of course, when the turn is tilted, pay attention to raising the pedal on the tilted side

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any bike, practice is key to avoiding pedal strikes on a bike. Take your Astro to a safe area and practice turning at different speeds and angles. Experiment with shifting your weight, adjusting your line, and using your gears and throttle to find the right technique for your Astro.


The pedal stroke is a common problem when turning on any bike, but it can be especially challenging on an electric bike like the C3strom Astro Pro. However, with the right technique, adjustments, and practice, you can enjoy a smooth and safe ride on your e-bike, without worrying about scraping your pedals on the ground. Understanding your bike’s capabilities, adjusting your riding style, taking wider turns, using the throttle, and practicing will help you avoid pedal strikes and enjoy the full potential of your C3strom Astro Pro.