How to ride safely in a light rain

Dec 19 2022

Recent inquiries have focused on whether our C3STROM products can be ridden normally in light precipitation. Our response is that riding in light rain poses no difficulty. Due to increased road unpredictability, riding in the rain still poses several safety risks, so how can we avoid these risks and ride safely?


Slow down and avoid emergency braking

Even though C3STROM products are equipped with puncture-resistant 20″ x 4.25″ tires that provide a strong grip for daily road riding, when riding in the rain, the road is slick and it is easy for the vehicle to slide to the side when turning too quickly. Even though C3STROM products are equipped with four-piston hydraulic brakes, they cannot guarantee the same stopping power on wet roads as they do on dry roads. We sincerely hope that every user of the C3STROM can enjoy our products and travel safely. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce your speed and avoid emergency braking whenever possible.


Avoid getting the motor and controller wet on a wet road.

Although the motor and controller structure of C3STROM products have been tested for water resistance, prolonged or repeated exposure to water may still result in motor failure. Damage to the motor and controller frequently results in a series of malfunctions, including the horn not sounding, the turn signal not functioning, the brake light not functioning, and the controller not functioning properly. Observe the depth of the water prior to riding, and if necessary, dismount and push or take a detour.

And prolonged soaking will corrode metal components such as tooth plates, brake discs, chains, etc. Therefore, please dry the metal vehicle components thoroughly after riding in the rain.


Charging only after the battery has dried

When riding in the rain, it is inevitable that the bike will become wet. If the battery or charger is wet, a safety incident may occur. Even though the battery charging port of C3STROM products has a waterproof design, you should still check after each ride to ensure that the port, battery, and charger are not wet, and then dry them before charging.


Do not perform motor repairs in the rain

PAY ATTENTION! Please do not perform motor maintenance in the rain! When checking the circuit in the rain with two hands while standing next to the bike, there are conditions for electrocution to occur. It is comparable to touching the positive and negative poles with your hands, which poses the risk of electric shock. In the event of a malfunction, please disconnect the battery power as soon as possible. If repair is required, be sure to contact a professional.


The view on a rainy day is obstructed.

During riding on a rainy day, raindrops tend to accumulate on the lenses of the helmet, which is vitally important. A clear view can help us avoid many potential traffic accidents. In heavy rain and fog, the lighting function of a vehicle’s headlights will be reduced, so please avoid driving in such conditions.

Please feel free to send us a message if you have any issues or inquiries, and we will respond to you as soon as we can. We’d be overjoyed since we value our connections with our patrons and supporters.

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