Merry Christmas C3STROM Backers! How to Decorate your ASTRO PRO for Christmas

Dec 25 2022

Take a joyous stroll through the town this Christmas while savoring the happiness that the season brings. You’ll pass ornament-covered trees and people racing to hear carols being sung behind church walls. Bells will ring, windows and buildings will be lit up with lights, and there will be a ringing of bells. You may easily travel with your luggage loaded into the front or back racks of your ASTRO PRO. Having said that, you should spend some time decorating your electric bicycles to make this Christmas even more special and fun. Even while this might not be usual, you can still make a difference. You shouldn’t take the fun away from your bike. Visit this blog to view many e-bike customization ideas. 


Paint on the frame:

You can paint the frame of your e-bike to make it more visually appealing. An e-bike frame can look brand new by getting new paint on it. You may find a wide variety of bike paint ideas with a vast variety of creative options online. You can also select a shop that focuses on painting motorcycles. Painting the bike frame is another effective way to cover up the rusty components of the old e-bike. That will make the frame feel fresh and look brand-new!


Adding Christmas decorations:

Utilizing Christmas decorations is one of the best bike decoration ideas. These are easily adjustable and may be changed in any way. Many locations, including the frame, handlebars, front rack, rear rack, and wheel spokes, are suitable for using these Christmas decorations.


Use Lights to Decorate:

In addition to being a necessary bicycle component for both daylight and nighttime riding, lights can be utilized to customize your bike. There are flashing lights as well as steady, vibrant lighting. This allows you to combine bike decorations and safety measures. You have alternatives for practically every component of your bike, including your wheels, when it comes to the numerous e-bike LED lights you can buy. Due to the nature of electricity and battery-powered bicycles, it is not advised to make your own lights or to attach any bought lights to or close to the motor or battery. It will be safer to use battery-powered lighting. Although adding lights to your bike is quite creative, you’ll need some practical knowledge to know where to install them. Here are some recommended e-bike parts that you can adorn with lights:

  1. Front and rear racks;
  2. Frame
  3. Wheel spokes knew as the handlebars

Once the lights are on, you are free to ride throughout the town in a festive mood.


List for Decoration: 

  • Christmas Garland
  • Christmas Wreath
  • Lights
  • Santa Claus Figure
  • Christmas Ribbon
  • Ornaments
  • Christmas Swag
  • Bell

The journey is entirely up to you, no matter what ideas you have for customizing your ebike or how you decide to do it. You may show off your ingenuity and uniqueness by customizing your ASTRO PRO!

Lastly! Merry Christmas to all C3STROM Supporters!