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Look what the professions have to say out us

“It’s squarely focused on having some stylish fun. Overall, this is a stylish choice in either finish if you are into this kind of urban street machine.”

“Electric bicycles that blur the line with electric motorcycles and mopeds are an increasingly popular category of the e-bike industry.”

“A motorcycle inspired electric bike with premium integrated lights, turn signals, electronic horn, fenders, and adjustable high speed performance.”

“C3STROM’s ASTRO seems to offer all of the above, with appearance being its number one quality. “

“This is about as close as you can get to riding a motorcycle without all the danger of actually riding a motorcycle.”

“Retro-moto ebike designed for Class 3 commuting and off-roading fun.”


Our stylish, extremely speedable ASTRO ebikes are sure-fire hits for everyone on your list.