Q&A with one of our first backers

Feb 12 2023

We are honored that we had so many supporters during the Indiegogo campaign! Thank you all very much for your trust in us, we hope to get even more suggestions on how to improve our products and services from all of you in the future so we can serve our community of riders even better. 

Today, we are fortunate to get some great feedback from one of our first backers Mr. Cole Blank who is an e-bike enthusiast who found C3Strom when he was looking for a fun and easy way to commute.

After researching many e-bikes on the market he finally chose the C3STROM because after having ridden a foldable bike before seeing the Astro he thought that not only was this a powerful e-bike with a great motor but that it looked awesome – basically, you get a cool motorbike without having to have a license to ride an actual one.

Besides commuting, he enjoys taking joyrides along the Mississippi river with his Astro in his free time. As a bonafide cycling enthusiast, he has also participated in many group rides and races in which he has met many fellow riders who love the looks of his bike.  

In his cyclist group, there are many people who have never ridden an e-bike before. Cole says he enjoys interacting with his fellow enthusiasts who have had many questions to ask him about the Astro and e-bikes in general. More often than not their conversations end with people walking away saying, “I’m getting one too”.

As a relatively experienced rider of Astro, he shared his experiences and ideas on improving the bike and our services with us. Here are some quotes and questions from our interview with him.

Q: What do you think C3STROM and ASTRO need to improve?

A: Timing of deliveries. Most of the customers who backed the first model and live in the United States received the bike in the Fall and riding conditions are poor during this time of year.”

C3Strom: Although we’ve been in the industry for a long time, we did ship later than expected during this Indiegogo campaign. We are improving this so that all of our supporters can receive their Astros as quickly as possible, and we welcome you to post more photos and stories of your rides once spring arrives!

Q: What specs that you want ASTRO to have in the future?

A: “Greater rated power and peak power. Larger battery capacity to reach advertised ranges. Lighter frame to increase the range as well.”

C3Strom: Astro is our first product in this category and style. We designed it after considering many aspects, and in some parts, it needs to be improved. However, C3STROM is continuously developing its products and we will collect feedback and opinions from our supporters to introduce accessories and different configurations of e-bikes that meet your needs and wishes. For example, when the V2 is coming; we will add rear suspension to the bike which was one feature on top of the wishlist for many. We will be providing our riders with more products while maintaining high quality.

Q: In the end, we asked a very critical question: How do you keep your Astro safe from bike thieves as it attracts quite a lot of attention where ever it goes?

A: “I use an alarm on all of my bikes along with a heavy-duty chain and GPS tracker.”

C3Strom: This is a very good way to prevent theft! If you are still very concerned about theft, you can also use our C3STROM mobile App to set a password for your ASTRO and use the equipped key to remove the battery at the end of the ride.

Thank you for the interview, Cole!

If you have any more questions or queries, please feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers and backers!

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