The final verdict: our riders tell all at the LA Area support center

Aug 02 2022

Our C3STROM family is at the heart of all we do. It is the stories and adventures that you guys share with us that really inspire our team to continue doing what are love and celebrate with you. Sharing the stories of you wonderful riders is an integral part of our work, which makes our announcement today all the more special. Our cherished customers here will give you a sample of what you can expect when you first take a C3STROM bike onto the road. You might be curious about what features really stuck out to our riders. Or you might wonder about what aspects of the bike you do not know about yet. Our riders talk about it all: from aesthetics to speed to comfort.

We’d like to introduce you to the premiere of our new series, entitled ‘On the road’, in which we routinely highlight our C3STROM test riders and share their unique experiences. Kicking this series off is the head of C3STROM LA Area technical support center, Tim Park. See what he has to say in the three episodes of ‘On the road’ below. We’re sure you’ll love watching these great interactions, as they give better insight into how our bikes work in action and how riders are reacting to the experience of riding a C3STROM bike for the first time.



What Chief liked most was the weight – coming in at just 95 pounds, it was a lot lighter than other bikes like the Sur-Ron. He also liked the fact that the C3STROM is packed full of fantastic features straight out of the box. The value for money was just too good for Chief to pass up the opportunity. We focused a lot on including a wonderful set of features at a price tag you can afford.

After Chief took the bike for the ride, he was shocked by how quiet the bike is. Chief is also a sucker for striking, beautiful design – he said that many people commented on how awesome the bike looked! They had never seen an ebike so elegant and distinctive before. If you want to have an ebike that differentiates itself a bit from the run of the mill, you should seriously consider giving ASTRO PRO a go.

The distinctive look doesn’t come at the price of practicality. Chief said it was great that the bike could be used for storage, making it incredibly useful to go to work or out for an adventure on the weekend. So, if you’re someone who needs to take a lot on the go, the ASTRO is the perfect bike to facilitate you. It’s surprising how many rides an ebike is suitable for that you once thought was only reserved for a car.  

Of course, Chief was also impressed with the speed – ‘that’s good power’. But most importantly, the bike is versatile, as Chief commented that you could take it to the beach, to work, or elsewhere. All in all, he summarized the bike by saying it is the number one model for its – ‘there’s no competition at all’.



George was attracted to the bike’s aesthetics. He particularly loved how it looked like a motorcycle, with an eye-catching and bold frame. It’s certainly a very distinctive bike – many of our customers have said that they bought the bike purely for the look alone. He also appreciated that he could buy the bike locally at EM bikes in the LA area, which gave him reassurance as a consumer as he could test the bike first.

Upon riding the bike, George loved the pedal assist feature. You can see in the video above just how smoothly the bike transitioned into the pedal assist mode. When riding in this mode, George found the bike to be ‘super-fast’. Most riders are surprised by what 28km/h feels like on a bike – it gets you to your destination more quickly than you’d imagine.

For someone like George, who needs a bike that has both great performance and a great look, the ASTRO PRO is great. He can travel round the city and be proud of his ride, while also being confident that it can get him from A to B efficiently and safely. Many users are struck by just how versatile the bike truly is, being an all-rounder that excels in many categories.

It’s always nice to see a customer with a genuine smile on their face after testing the bike and looking forward to riding it after their purchase. We can when a customer like George really appreciates our product, which gives us a great sense of pride and service to the riding community. George ends his summary of the bike by saying he was ‘shocked’ by the quality of the item – ‘I’m ready to ride it! I can’t wait!’.



As he makes clear in this video, Andy is experienced in using many types of ebikes and has a deep knowledge of what constitutes a quality vehicle. He was buying this present as a gift for his daughter and wife, so we were honored that such an experienced rider would consider our bike to be of high enough quality to give to a loved one. We value Andrew’s judgement very highly and were delighted to find that such an experienced user had a great time on our bike!

Andy liked the ‘beef’, ‘rigid’ motorcycle aesthetic. It gave him a strong impression that the bike is well-built and sturdy, ideal for most types of terrains. After trying it out, he quipped that he felt as if he could throw it off a cliff and it would still be ok (but don’t try this!). If you need the functions of an ebike, but your heart really desires the look and feel of a motorcycle, the ASTRO is the bike for you.

Later, he reported that it felt incredibly comfortable – the silicon seat offers luxury padding to ensure a smooth ride no matter the distance. He particularly liked how the breaks felt super sharp, making them optimally sensitive to the rider’s reaction.

Andy also noticed the power, joking that the bike felt very ‘torque-y’ – the torque is a whopping 80nm! He noted that the bike started and stopped particularly quickly. So, you don’t have to worry about whether the bike will ‘feel’ like a real bike that can just be used without thought of a motor – it’ll feel totally natural, exactly in the old familiar way.

Andy is 6 ft 5 and said he felt a tiny bit to big for the bike – prospective customers should know that the bike is ideally designed for heights between 5 ft 3 and 6 ft 3. Luckily, in Andy’s case, he was buying the bike for his daughter and wife who are both around the 5 ft 6 mark, making it a perfect gift. Be sure to measure yourself before buying the bike.

Ultimately, Andy seemed incredibly satisfied with the bike. When asked whether he approved of the bike, there were no second thoughts – ‘definitely!’ he replied with no hesitation. We hope you too will love this bike without qualification. Because we sure loved making it.


The ASTRO Pro – perfect for individuals

All in all, the ASTRO appears to be very popular with our first round of customers. We’re always so pleased to hear that the final product has met all the desires of our target audience. The product finally feels like it’s complete and a success when we see smiles and hear compliments like these.

What we’re happiest most about is the fact that the customers value in the product exactly what we intended to deliver. Each customer mentioned the design aesthetics – something we put a huge amount of effort into with our own dedicated research team. Many also mentioned the speed and brakes – another key focus point of ours.

The work seems to have paid off!

They saw that the product is a fantastic mix of different elements – something that is very difficult to achieve at such an affordable price tag. Such a feat was very difficult for our team to pull off, so it’s great that these guys found our product out of the many items on the market today.

If you also want to test an ASTRO, you can either contact us or the LA technical support center.