The Full Instruction for the VIP TIERS of C3 points

Dec 02 2022

C3STROM membership system

Great to see you guys. We are glad to announce that the new VIP tiers system of C3 Points has launched on December 1st, 2022. C3STROM reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity.

1. VIP benefits & entry rewards

*1st: Participate in Marketing Activities/E-bike purchase/ Repeat Purchases/ Recommend to Friends etc.



1.1 How to earn points?

C3STROM offers diverse ways to encourage C3 Riders to earn Free C3 points (Pts).

Customers can earn at least 3,300 C3 Pts (Worth $33) by participating in the event. Meanwhile, all the customers may reach Gold VIP tiers without extra cost. 

The reward statement is as follows:

1.1.1 Login to your C3STROM account.

1.1.2 Complete the tasks to get the corresponding points.

1.2 How to redeem?

1.2.1. Login to your C3STROM account.

1.2.2 Click on the right corner ‘My accounts’ and select ‘points’ in the sub-menu of the screen.

1.2.3 You can choose how many C3 Points to redeem by typing in the bottom blank.

1.2.4 Click on redeem after selection and the discount coupon will be automatically generated.

1.2.5 When you pay, input the discount code into the box to enjoy the corresponding discount offer.

2. VIP members’ regulations & policy

2.1 Tier setting

2.1.1 A customer’s VIP tier is based on their activity starting from December 1st, 2022.

2.1.2 A customer enters a VIP tier based on the points earned, which means spending points will not affect a customer’s VIP level.

2.1.3 A customer has 2 years’ time as a rewarding customer to achieve a VIP tier, and keep the level if he achieves a higher tier than platinum.

2.1.4 The only way to upgrade to a higher VIP tier is to reach the levels of points earned.

2.2 Entry rewards & VIP benefits

2.2.1 A customer will automatically receive their rewards & benefits after upgrading to a further level.

2.2.2 A customer can only enjoy all benefits & rewards once.

2.2.3 A customer will receive rewards which appear in the form of discount codes.