How to Make Your E-bike Go Further (E1)

Mar 29 2022

E-bike can usually be ridden more frequently than regular bikes, but who wouldn’t want to have more longevity? So, what are the requirements for getting the most out of an electric-assist battery and motor?

Even the best electric-assist mountain bikes can cause headaches due to range if ridden in an inappropriate manner or set up incorrectly. This is the time to pay attention to the ten super helpful tips that will extend the range of your electric-assist bike ride!

  1. Power mode

Please use the battery’s “smart” mode. For example, use Bosch’s eMTB mode, or launch the bicycle motor manufacturer’s app on your phone to see how the motor is configured. Simply reduce the power levels or choose one of the preset values. Shimano’s “Explorer” mode, for example, maybe better for you than its default “Dynamic” preset. Many Shimano STEPS users, for example, now prefer to stay in “Eco” mode for 95 percent of the stroke and only use the low-power “Boost” mode for the remaining 5% of the stroke. Bypass Trail mode entirely. It’s also critical to keep your e-bike’s firmware in good working order by using the most recent software. This is typically accomplished through the use of Bluetooth on your phone, so it should be fairly simple, right?

For example, the Bafang mid-motor system typically has 5 gears for riders to choose from; however, except for the long and difficult steep slopes that inevitably necessitate strong power mode, 2-3 gears can handle more than 70% of road conditions; While the TENTEN power mid-motor system equipped by BESTRONG Travel has different modes of ECO, NORMAL, SPORT, and TURBO, it also has the i-SPORT automatic mode, which will automatically adjust the power output based on the current load. Furthermore, there is an i-SPORT automatic mode that will automatically adjust the output power based on the current state, and selecting the right power mode during the ride can help you save a lot of electricity.

  1. Shifting gears

This is a common mistake made by e-bike owners, namely ignoring the transmission. When you are unable to pedal, do not simply turn the turnbuckle; instead, apply pressure to the motor and battery. Adjust your gear ratios to make your e-bike last longer and ride farther; after all, it is still primarily a human-powered bike.

  1. Pedaling frequency

Any mechanic at a bike shop will tell you that the most serious issue that some electric-assist cyclists face is an addiction to pedaling frequency. This not only consumes power faster (causing customers to complain about not getting the advertised mileage), but it also drains the powertrain faster than it’s worth.

To keep the motor running at full power, you must pedal rather than skid. Pedal at a speed of 70 to 90 RPM. You’ll get the most assistance if you keep turning the crank. When the pedaling frequency falls, the motor slows down, which is especially inconvenient on steep climbs. Because electric-assist bikes benefit from a wide range of 1x drivetrains, you’ll need to change gears frequently to optimize your pedaling frequency.

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