Why Choose Electric Bikes

Jan 06 2023

We are thrilled that more and more people are joining the C3STROM Family. Do you now take pleasure in riding and taking in the freedom of the open road? What changes have electric bikes made to our way of life? Remember the exact reasons you picked electric bikes.


Ride more effortlessly

When riding, there are frequently several different road parts. Ordinary bicycles sometimes carry a heavy physical weight while traveling for long periods of time or when facing sloped road portions. Electric bicycles are a great way to address this issue. With electric assistance, we can ride farther and take in more scenery while climbing ramp after ramp more quickly and effortlessly.


More efficient commuting

Imagine that we are set to begin a day worth fighting for when we get up early, enjoy the first cup of coffee of the day, have a hearty meal, and drive to the office. Instead, we are caught in heavy traffic congestion in the flow of traffic. The electric bicycle outside of the automobile sped by the window as you were impatiently awaiting the traffic congestion. An unfinished black Americano sits on the frame’s cup holder, and a dainty black briefcase rests on the back shelf.

Yes, as seen in the aforementioned example, electric bicycles may commute more effectively during times of heavy traffic. Drivers of electric bicycles can travel farther and faster because their motors have more horsepower than those of conventional bicycles. Electric bicycles may also freely navigate some alleyways at the same time.


Better for long rides

Long rides are popular among riders who like taking in the surrounding beauty. The issue of riding tiredness has been resolved by the development of electric bicycles. The burden of large luggage and the weariness of long-distance driving are no longer concerns for drivers. We can go great distances on electric bicycles, and they just need to pack one or two extra batteries. While traveling far away and having fun, there is more energy to take in the beauty along the route.

Perhaps the sensation of freedom is experienced when the driver travels to villages, lakes, farms, and mountains and feels the wind in the distance brush his face. This is an emotion that automobiles cannot convey. Electric bicycles take the role of traditional human-powered bicycles as the finest browsing tool when we cannot ride them to far locations.


People of all ages can participate

People of all ages may join and enjoy riding electric bicycles because of the increased accessibility of these vehicles. When riding a regular bicycle, there is a chance that we may inflict harm on our bodies, including wear and tear on the knees, waist, and other body parts due to excessive riding intensity, and muscles when we are weary. falls, cramping, and other injuries The advent of motorbikes significantly decreased injuries brought on by a lack of physical power and removed strain on the knees and waist. As a result, persons in their middle age and older can engage. They can utilize bicycles despite having weak physical capabilities thanks to motorcycles, which also efficiently protect their bodies.


More exciting and refreshing riding experience

More drivers are interested in having fun while riding rather than only pursuing endurance performance and high-speed experience. There are now several electric mountain bikes available that can ride on various surfaces, have improved possibilities, climb mountains more quickly, and eliminate the need to dismount the bike to push when you’re tired from climbing. People with poor physical condition and little time for training may still enjoy the thrill of riding on the road thanks to electric bicycles.


Low carbon environmental protection

A typical motorbike emits 5.75 pounds of carbon dioxide every 100 kilometers of travel with a fuel usage of 2.5 gallons.

A fully loaded bus typically uses 1.5 liters of gasoline every 100 kilometers, emitting 3.45 kg of carbon dioxide as a result.

About 20.7 kilos of carbon dioxide are emitted by a car that uses 9 gallons of petrol every 100 kilometers.

12 kilos of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere per 100 kilometers by an electric bicycle that uses 15 degrees of energy.

For every 100 kilometers traveled, electric bicycles use around 1.2 degrees of power and emit roughly 0.96 kilos of carbon.

It is clear that electric bicycles are not only a practical and effective mode of transportation, but they may also help us considerably cut down on carbon emissions. As a result, we urge more people to join the electric bicycle team, experience the excitement of riding with others, cut emissions, and safeguard the environment, all of which are highly beneficial to human health.

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